WARNING: Loan Offers - Internet Scammers

WARNING: Loan Offers - Internet Scammers

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Note to everyone! Just because a random person on this site, or anywhere else on the web has recommended a loan or credit service does not mean it is legit. In fact, most of all internet based offers are scammers, often operating out of foreign countries. NEVER EVER get involved with anyone without doing a lot of research and you can bet your life they are the real deal. If you get involved in with a scammer you will either end up ripped off of a lot of money or have your identity stolen.

We do our best to remove all solicitations that seem suspicious on this site, however even if something remains it does not mean we endorse it - we DO NOT. The only financial services we recommend to our clients are listed here:

Anytime you see a solicitation for a financial service please "flag" the post or comment and we will review it further and likely remove it.

If you are getting solicited by people via email or private message by users on this site alert us at info@deanenterprisesllc.com. Be sure to send us their username they use on the site and forward what they are sending you so you we can get people who are using the site to advance their unverified (and often pure scams) banned.

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So here I am struggling to start a new REI business and I come across Loan Offers classified ads on DG Website posted in the Services category. Well they have to be legit or else they wouldn't be here. So I go ahead and respond to one of the ads, ask for $10,000 loan to be repayed in 1 year. Indeed I get a quick responce. I will be funded at a 3% interest which means this big investor is going to make $163.24 at the end of the day. I start to see ?????. So I decide to google his name and behold here he pops up on a website that warns against scammers that he is a 419. 419 is a section of the ****n penal code.
While I'm on this I get a forwarded email form his so called bank asking for now, my banking info (see attachement). The bank is Bank PHB Plc with an email address bankphb41@**** (dah). Thanks to google and internet I google that too, well as I feared it is based in ****; even though people like these are now many countries.
Now Mr. Donya Hocket this is just for you my bank account # is 3825968419 go figure.
Truth is I googled globefinsec and found the same record on them also.

For all of you hard working people looking to make honest money please be careful of these loan offer scammers.
Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against african as I am African born and bred but I will not let anyone take advantage of hard working people just like that.

DG Admin is there anyway we can be protected from these scavengers?




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Same Thing

Sisca - I had the same experience. Its good that you did your research and posted this. I just followed my instincts and figured that anyone who could not communicate with me properly and immediately demanded all my personal information without any true documentation from them and no phone contact info had to be a scam! My email was bombarded constantly numerous times per day telling me to send it right away to close the deal. It was weeks with me replying to stop contacting me before they finally did. So yes, everyone, be smart and be careful. Due diligence is a must in every aspect of real estate including bankers and lenders!

Thanks for seconding me

Thanks Laura. I am really mad. That Acc# should say what I feel.




I had the same person contact me when i was looking for a HML. I had to do some invesigating because I had heard about these scammers. I guess they operate in the UK or ****.
Everyone should be careful if the rates are to good to be true investigate.

I have updated your post with info

I have added an edit to your post and stickied it on the forum to alert people to treat all offers from random people as scams until they have verified for themselves the people are really legit. Unfortunately this is hard to do, so I would advise everyone to ignore all offers unless their validity can be confirmed by multiple, reputable (long standing) members of the site or local investors.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience. I am sure that you have saved more than one member from a potential huge financial headache by bringing attention to this problem.



It is worse now than ever. This does not only refer to this site alone. It also applies to anyone seeking our information on the telephone. If for some reason it is someone from our bank, take the time to visit your branch to make sure. Do not under no circumstances give out any information on the phone. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.



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Thank you for this important

Thank you for this important post


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PMI Education

Does anyone know anything about Professional Marketing International? i was contacted by phone by them they said they were a sister company to Dean Graziosi company, that interviewed people and picked certain people for Dean to take under his wing and mentor and help them do their first five deals for the success story. The website he sent me to was pmieducation.com. I just wanted to know if this is true or is this a scam because he told me not to read deans book not to find a agent,broker,lawyer or not to do anything until he contacts me again. It just didn't seem right to me so can someone please tell me if they are part of the DG family or are they scamming DG people? I am a little confused.

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