Great flip with Video Before & After

Great flip with Video Before & After

The below video is the flip that I just completed in California, which is a great way to make money in mobile home parks investing in real estate there. If you like this one please look at the flip I did on me from last years send me away to this years.

Edited to Include --- After Video of Mobile Home Flip: How to Make Money Mobile Home Parks Real Estate Investing: Watch The Video! --


keith great job man, very nice work. can we say cash cows WOW !!!! 12k in profit GOD BLESS DEAN GRAZIOSI !!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for putting the video up. The mobile home is going to be gorgeous! You are doing a great job on it.



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Good job on the mobile home Keith! Love watching your videos...trying to soak up as much info. as I can! Smiling



College Station, TX
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Hi Guys and Gals
Thanks for the kind words. I will post the completed (today) video and what it sold for on saturday after open house. I will be there in the morning to finish yard work and to move my work trailer back home. Start the next one next week and they offered me another one today but have not given me a price yet..No let me change that..I have not told them what I will give them yet...sounds better...NOW GO GET SOME


Hi..Thanks for watching my flip it video. I see that you have been on the site since 2011. What have you been able to mark off your done list? deals? action plan? Let me know if I can help...NOW GO GET SOME

After Video of Mobile Home Flip - Awesome!


I honestly didn't realize you could rehab a mobile home and have it come out like this. You've made this into a home for someone!

Great Job Partner!


Hammer and tape Roberta

You just can't see what ducktape and a hammer can It will sell fast on saturday..

I'm slow...I know.

keb64 wrote:
Hi..Thanks for watching my flip it video. I see that you have been on the site since 2011. What have you been able to mark off your done list? deals? action plan? Let me know if I can help...NOW GO GET SOME

Hi Keith! OK, this is where I am...signed up on DG in 2011, signed up w/Success Academy last year, signed up with LifeStyles Unlimited in Houston a few months ago and have been going to their meetings/trainings. Mainly, they are for investors that already HAVE money and are ready to buy & rent. So, I started out doing wholesaling, then decided I just need to buy a house and rent it out. Thought I would have the money to do that, but I don't. So now I'm thinking about wholesaling again. UGH! And in the middle of all that, I'm currently in the middle of getting my car refinanced (should have done that months ago!) and my daughter has just returned from Thailand! So I'm off work until next Thursday and I plan on calling SA tomorrow. Any advice you want to provide me would be greatly appreciated!


College Station, TX
"Declare that you will prosper despite every difficulty that may come your way. Don't just survive; thrive!"
-Joel Osteen


I just sent you a pm in the hopes that i can help. What did you think of the other video of the finished job? NOW GO GET SOME

Open house in the morning

Well we will see if I can break the record of 15 minutes on selling this house. She will be half staged with towels, flowers chairs and of course smell. This is the fun part.....I put it on CL in three locations and I ran it in two papers $70 total cost...NOW GO GET SOME

nice job Keith...

it does look great, I'm sure you will sell it fast!



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My journal:

Mobile Homes.....Hmmm

Thank you so much for your post. I will tell you that mobile home parks were not even on my radar prior to your post. Nice job and another arrow in my quiver.
I saw your finished video. Nice job but I would focus on keeping the pictures larger, the special affects are nice but the do become a deterant and will also rapidly date the video. (notes from my previous life, pre REI)
Thank you for all you share.


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Jim and Val

Hi guys
Val thanks for looking at it. I think it will go real fast and the open house is at 10am Saturday. I hope to have it sold and just build a list off whatever comes in after.

Thanks for watching as well. he after video is just for here and my website so that people can see what can be done to these homes with a few grand. CL, fliers and the newpaper will be the place to sell it. Just got a call on another deal in the same


I wanted to put this back up so new rehabber can see what can be done. I had several people at the open house but no one has stepped up yet. Also, If you have not voted for one of the eight finalist please do so now. I think saturday will be the last day to vote...NOW GO GET SOME

We have so many mobile homes for sale in our area....

The only problem is they will not let investors buy them...the parks all have rules and regulations. They will only let owners purchase, no subletting or leasing and everyone needs to be approved from the mobile home park that lives there. Maybe it is just something with New Jersey? Does anyone have any ideas?

different way

Buy the unit fix it and sell it with owner carry. Get the down to cover your cost then make an income stream. This park is the same way you talked about above but I made it work by thinking outside the box.

Think it's sold

Had a call and met with the buyer. He already lives in the park so I offered to buy his old unit for 2k and pay the rent on both units for the month of march. Gave up some profit to made a better deal for all.

Still here

I will market this a different way so I can get it moved... I am shocked that it is not gone with owner financing..


marketing will get it gone


I will go meet with someone that called on this today. I will post what happens.

Still open

I reduced the price 1k so that I can move it and start the other two..

Bumped up

The voting ends on Saturday so please vote now.

Just Wait...It Will Be Gone


Just wait until we strategize to get this beautiful home you've rehabbed for someone flying into their hands.

Mistro (you) and the BOM (me) will get someone who didn't have a home before meeting you the home they deserve!

Your a true leader in our local community & here on the DG site - Thank You for all you do for others!


She sold

Last night I got a call and ask if they could see the home tonight. I stated yes and I would be there in 15 minutes. Nice family there waiting to see the house for there parents. Parents shows up and they all thought it was a perfect fit. Sold it for 14k with 3,500 down now and 3,500 next month (7k) so that will be all my money back and then they will pay $225 per month for 36 months (income stream). I will make 1k in interest over the life of the loan as well. Will sign paperwork in the morning as soon as the park clears them to live here. On to the next one. NOW GO GET SOME

The good and the bad

You have to post it all so the deal fell out this morning when they called and stated they thought the hallway was to small for a wheelchair down the road (it is) so I will hit it again this weekend to get it sold...NOW GO GET SOME

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