3 Deals in one week! Deal #20, #21, #22

3 Deals in one week! Deal #20, #21, #22

Hello everyone!
Yes that post title is correct! I actually closed 3 deals this week. 2 of them were co-wholesale deals and the 3rd was my own deal. total profit of $7,500!

As usual I'm posting these deals so newbies or anyone who is thinking about giving up on this business can see that it works and it takes persistence and massive ACTION! This business is simple, but its not easy. It takes work. If you are sitting there waiting for it to come to you, your wasting your time. Slap yourself and wake up and get out there and do whatever it takes to make it happen. NO EXCUSES....

So the 2 co-wholesale deals were brought to me by another wholesaler in my area, he had the deals but no buyers. I simply got the buyers and we split fees, simple!...$3,000 profit

The 3rd was a deal that I got from my website. The lady contacted me about 6 months ago and wanted 60k for the house, and she was firm on that price. I simply said I could not make that work. So last month she contacted me again and said she could do 40k, and I made the appointment to see the house. She evicted tenants so it was now vacant and she lived out of state (she was MOTIVATED!)Plus tenants had the house filthy on the inside. Once I saw the house I made her an offer. She countered a few grand more and I agreed to meet it the middle if we could get it done now, and she accepted! Offer of 28,500! I sold it to the first buyer who saw it for 33,000, so profit was $4,500. Not to bad...
So 3 deals, one week, $7,500 profit...
You still wanna give up?! I hope this motivates at least ONE person to get going, TODAY, because tomorrow is to late. Make it happen!



Congrats on deals!!
Also well said on getting off the couch and taking action it takes persistence and work.



so cool

that is so inspriring thank you Joseph for sharing, now I am going to get off the couch and take massive action!!!!! Not taking enough action, like something is holding me down, must shake it offf & go forward! if you can do it so can I!!!!!!!! great.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

It always does me good to come here

Kudos to you Joe for making it happen & sharing the good news.
I joined in '14, no deal yet..I believe it works, trouble is I am inconsistent & get off track easily. I'm reading 30 Days now for 3rd, maybe 4th time trying to follow every instruction. Though I have not posted here in a while, 30 Days says to post every day!..I must move out of my comfort zone to do that.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

I'm a newbie in St Louis - 1st post

Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie to the site and DG system! Just started reading the 30d to RE Cash ebook. Like Heide said, it recommends to post daily so here is my 1st post.

I chose this forum thread for its positive energy (and, it was one of the most recent threads I could find!)

Thank-you Joe for kicking this forum conversation off and everyone else for contributing.

Plan is to join the dealmakers real soon!


Congratulations Joseph!!

I always knew you had the right stuff!



Knowledge is power, but execution trumps knowledge. Tony Robbins

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Post #2 - St Louis Newbie

Hi Michael,

It's me again from Saint Louis (MO).

I took a look at your posted links above and I'm happy to see your business is in motion! I also read your PMs under your profile and you've garnered a lot of responses. That's very encouraging for a newbie like me.

I am following the advice I've seen you provide to read DG's book "Be a RE Millionaire" AND "30d to RE Cash" (concurrently). Just trying to put my available time to the best possible use.

I know I have a learning curve ahead of me but I'm chugging along. I will also comb your websites listed above for additional guidance and insight.

Thanks for your post today!

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