Calitony checking in

Calitony checking in

OMG it has been too long checking in, last deal was 12/30/16 made $3,800 from a bandit sign, didn't want anyone to think I have gone missing Smiling all is good trying to get another deal, things been up and down.

Had 20 bandit signs put out last week-1 call from them(here in san diego God's country) another 20 signs put out 3 wks before that. making offers on the mls too but mostly off market concentrating, also started making offers in kc again should have never left that area.

going to the edge excited about that, excercising, eating better less sugar & really focusing on geting another deal before the edge, just fyi. hello everyone

I have been coming on commenting on others posts.



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Hey Tony

Glad to see your still cooking Tony. We'll be at The Edge also, looking forward to seeing everyone. We have been kinda slow, but still moving forward. We bought another rental a couple of weeks ago and its being rehabbed now. Its never fast enough because now all I can think about is that I can rent for $750 and I can't rent it until its ready and no one is in a hurry like us! HA HA We have been doing a good bit of lending to local folks, so that's been nice. Keep it up! See you soon! Jack




I was afraid that we might had to have reported you in to MISSING PERSON's...LOL
Welcome back and reminds me I haven't updated my post either...



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Good to hear

Hey Tony, its good to hear you are still active. Hopefully I will see If I make it to the Edge this year, I have a couple of vacations I'm taking already. I'm also experiencing the same results with the bandit signs in my area. I think its time for a new strategy or the market is drying up.


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Welcome Back Tony

Hi Tony,

Glad to see you are back.
Keep updates coming on your deals.



Wish Everybody a great success in their Real Estate Business

Its always good to hear from

Its always good to hear from you Tony, Keep it up with the Bandit signs I see them all over San Diego, You are the Man!
Said Mahdavi
your buddy for life!

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