Southern California bandit sign deal 20k!

Southern California bandit sign deal 20k!

so I had signs put up about 2 and 1/2 mo's ago, tony buys homes cash xxx xxx xxxx on busy intersections paid the guy $3 a sign(kid had terets too made funny sounds)

got a call couple of weeks after that, seller had a rental here in san diego in spring valley nice area but known for foundation issues. her bro lived there for yrs w/his extended fam lots of them & wasn't paying her enuff rent, she w/sick of it. I sent my contractor out he scared her w/pointing out the foundation problems & offered her 270k she wanted 300k & she said she wld think about it.

she clld bck 2 wks later & was still at 270k so I sent the contractor out again to get the bid nailed down & he did since it needed a 2nd look cuz of the foundation, bid came back at 55k rehab. I offered 280k & she took it.

it was tenant occupied so i blasted it out to all my buyers n scheduled a showing the next day n man it was a feeding frenzy everybody wanted it but I asked for half of my fee upfront 10k & one of my buyers stepped up & said yes(since san diego has a tight supply of props)

I met buyer next day & I bought breakfast & he handed a check for 10k now the funds have cleared & bam it is nice to see that in my acct, it's the most fee I've gotten & I still have the other half due in a month when it closes.j

Buyers will close when they pay upfront non refundable! Let's do this and make some money!!!!!! who said you can' wholesale in southern california. now building my buyers list for LA & OC & inland empire here in so cal & working on getting more deals.

have another deal in so cal in ontario from a buddy of mine we just are getting the purch contract back from my buyer to double close & we will make hopefully 10k each after close and we are getting 10k upfront non refundable you guessed it! Awesome dude! love real estate!!!!!!!!



Go faster do more! GFDM!

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