No excuses just results!

No excuses just results!

Ok so am in Mexico visiting my wife n getting dental work done. I still working hustling here got 20k Las month for wholesale deal here in San Diego. Have 25 more signs going up this weekend by my team member I left signs for him.

Made 2 offers today on listed props, one on an off market bandit sign lead from another wholesaler who's new. offered 305k Rehab 40k ARV 400k deal is tight but we wouldn't get much for Fee upfront maybe 2k n split that 1k each but we would get 2-5% of the flip profit.

My main buyer has an agreement with me to do that so even though this doesn't really work with the numbers a deal can still be had by being creative, no excuses just results! Laying in bed right now so amped can't wait to wake up in the morning to work real estate. Played with my grandbaby today she's so much fun n cute, life for me is rapidly changing for the better! There is light at the en of the tunnel. You know what I mean Rando and others.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

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