San Diego $3,350 wholesale fee

San Diego $3,350 wholesale fee

Been a while since i have been on here sorry, should not neglect dg. Well since last posted I have been struggling getting deals, 2 fell out one of them on day of closing seller backed out!

Well I did have one close Xmas eve, little deal but big for me, deal #12, $6,700 fee but I split it w/this other trainee wholesaler I am working with w/found the agent who found the deal. W/a MLS deal, our agent we found was right on, has wrkd w/investors before & even suggested the offer price-w/was right on. LIsted at 489k, we offered 400k, ARV is 550k, needs 50k rehab-here in escondido ca, san diego county, had a great view, so sellers countered at 450k we countered at 405k they at 430k i at 410k n they accepted.

But, my buyer didn't perform after I assigned it over to him! no wire no nothing, we were supposed to get half of fee upfront-he choked! I got another buyer-it was a pain in the @##!!! REally was, geeze, but did assign to another buyer, we didn't or couldn't get something upfront(long story w/2nd buyer) but did finally get our fee! Merry Xmas & happy New Yr! Now off to Az to see Dean/Matt for mastermind I am in with them-what a priviledge!!!!!!

This yr my goal is to make 80k! to get a deal a quarter for 20k each- I am setting realistic goals Eye-wink



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m sure it must be helpful to everyone considering a real-estate business. There was a time when I was considering becoming a real estate agent but there’s one thing I don’t like in this profession – unstable income. I don’t want have a need to apply for quick loan so I need a stable income. However, it’s great that you set goals and I think that your goals are realistic. I wish you a good luck and to achieve your goals.

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