Hello all, would you plese help me find motivated sellers and I will help you find motivated buyers.



Hi Jerry, We are in Arizona.

Hi Jerry,

We are in Arizona. What kind of properties are you looking for? We have lots of great deals here and plenty of motivated sellers. Smiling

Rhamel and Niki

Hello from Tennessee

Hello Jerry,

What sort of properties might you be interested in?

Feel free to PM me with your critical search criteria and e-mail address so we
can communicate more directly.


california deals plus bulk REO's in all 50 states

i have deals in all parts of southern california. from probate, fixers and REO's. i also have a guy who can put together a bulk REO package for you but the minimum is 10 million and up. send a private message and we can get contact going.


Ramesses F.B. Gordy

Minnesota Deals

Ive got plenty of motivated buyers here in Minnesota. If you're looking in MN let me know



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Investment Deals

I also have lots of sellers and am in need of buyers! I have an awesome deal right now in Grand prairie, TX. Send me a private message so we can talk.


USA HOmebuyers


Hello Jerry,

The following is a deal I've creatively have put together. The only piece of the puzzle I don't have is an investing partner!! Send me a PM or email me direct if interested.

1. They sign a 90 day lease/option (this is to satisfy the 90 day seasoning requirement from escrow closing to escrow closing on a FHA loan) and pay a non-refundable deposit of $7,000 to show their commitment.
2. I buy the property they like (if the numbers support a good reasonable profit after closing cost, holding cost, and repair cost)
3. I make the necessary repairs such as painting, cleaning, low cost upgrades (fixtures, faucets, etc.), some yard work, and any small repairs not requiring permits. Basically, some TLC to the property.
4. I cover the repair days holding cost for X days (depending on repair check list agreed upon by both parties at signing of lease/option.)
5. They move in after last day of repairs are completed and pay a pro-rated charge per day based on $1310 per month for the days remaining after repairs to meet the 90 day requirement from escrow closing to escrow closing.
6. They execute the option clause to coincide with the 90 days requirement and close on property

I need to partner with an interested investor. I will provide in this partnership, an active participation, the above mentioned executed lease/option, the $7,000 non-refundable deposit (to be used to help with closing cost and/or repair cost) and any/all lease payments (to help cover holding cost). For your part in this partnership, you would be the investing partner providing the funding needed to purchase, repair, and hold property in this partnership for 90 days. Both partners would share in all profits gained from this partnership. This creates a win-win-win for all parties involved.

Hope to hear from you!!!



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Jerry are you out there????

Has anyone heard from Jerry since he posted this? I have also PM'd him and have not heard back. Hopefully he is just really busy making lots of money!!!

oregon invester

i have deals here in oregon im me and let me know what your looking for.

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