$36,500 Profit From A Flip! More than Annual Salary!

$36,500 Profit From A Flip! More than Annual Salary!

A few days ago I got a call from a kid I mentored about 4 months ago. I gave him 4 days of personal one on one intense training. This kid is 23 years old and lives in southern california. He makes $20,400 dollars a year at his job as a full time youth pastor. When he called me a few days ago he was excited because he had just flipped a house for a net profit of $36,500! That is almost double what it takes him a year to make at his job! And you guessed it, he didn't use a dime of his own money (because he didn't have a dime) to purchase, rehab, and sell this house. He did not do any of the rehab himself. The best part is this, when he called me a few months ago, I had never met him or talked to him before. He told me he wanted to buy 12 houses this year that had cashflow of $200 per month which would be more profit in a year that what he makes at his job. And then he asked this "Is that possible?" I told him "yes it is possible for me to do that because I have the knowledge." I told him "I don't know if it is possible for you to do it". So he offered me $10,000 to come out to my house and learn from me. We worked about 15 hours everyday and I literally taught him everything I could fit into that time frame. I was exhuasted and so was he. That was about 4 months ago. Now he has bought 10 houses since then that he owns and rents out for over $2500 per month in cashflow! He hasn't spent a dime of his own money to buy a single one of them! That is unreal. He is very thankful towards me and tells me all the time that I have changed his life forever. I feel really good about it. This last flip that he did was amazing. He is on a roll and he has a lot of momentum.

I actually have several stories like this of people I have mentored that are now running full speed at financial freedom and it feels great.

Don't make excuses. This kid could have said "I don't have any money or credit so I will never be able to do this". But he didn't. He just followed my instructions and went out and did it.

Get it done!


You've got to find your obstacles and call them out! Unsheath the sword, and do battle with whatever it is that holds you back!

WOW Matt!

What a great story! Gives me the incentive to just go out and DO IT!
I'll bet he's in 7th heaven right now and it's all thanks to YOU! Knowledge IS power (and profit) isn't it? Smiling

Thanks for sharing!



Life's a Dance you learn as you go...GET HAPPY FEET!

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all." ~Dale Carnegie

All I can say is WOW!! You

All I can say is WOW!!
You are killing with this post Matt, lol. I wish I had the cash to pay you to teach me how to do that.
Great story. Nice to hear you changed some ones life.
Keep it up.

How can I do that?

I am learning Dean's new book, get coaches helping me, ask questions and learn from this website, speeding up and putting in offers, but I still get stuck fighting to get financing to acquire the properties and refinance from HML. I am sure there are a lot of techniques just about these two pieces. Matt, can you please help and share with us some of the ideas besides what was in the book already? How can I do what that kid did? I definitely want to be like him!

I'm all ears!!

Hi all! i am a "newbie" and am anxious to get started. However, I feel as if I need to know everything first. How DID he pull that off? I'm open to suggestions Smiling


"Live your life with arms wide open..."

Good going CBR

I like hearing such great stories on success in here. It still gives me inspiration.


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Who are you? Great post like always! still who are you!
(Your first name)

PS Honesty is for everybody...Honest is for a few.

re: who are you

lol...Randy cbrpower is Matt Larson as in the very same Matt from Deans NEW Book


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get it don

This inspires me even more..why? well im 22 year old college grad , ill be turning 23 next month, and let me tell you, i have the drive and motivation to make it happen..

lol/Who are you

Anita thank-you for the info!I just thought it was Mel Gib not in
a good mood!(cbrpower)Your post's have been great...Reminding me you
have to grab the bull by the horns,If you do not try-You will never
know!Now that i know you are Matt L.(I really do not know what to say).
Your post like always, is good!!!



Great story Matt, and I like

Great story Matt, and I like your parts in Deans book, excellent example of someone that can go from an over load bearing job to freedom in a short time, compared to having it take years to acheive.
And I'm sure the young guy will go out and teach someone else once he gets into it more and keep spreading the wealth.
Even though he paid you, that was a great thing you did and sets a good example for everyone else.


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Although I think I have the gist of things, I really would love a mentor to walk me through a deal or two. I WILL PAY TOO!!! I'll make anyone a partner in my first few deals.

Any takers???

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