New Deal

New Deal


This is my deal, getting into contract tomorrow afternoon will be marketing it 5 min. after.

Nice little 2 Bdr out in the country on about 1/4 acre.
ARV fixed up 42-45k, the were asking 19,500 I offered 16,500 and it was accepted. I'm getting into the contract with $10 Earnest money. Will be looking for someone to assign this to.

This will be my first deal ever and i'm so excited and scared at the same time. Worried about not being able to move it and defaulting on contract.




Sounds like a great starter deal. Did you get those escape clauses in there? When marketind deal include photos, numbess and any othes info like repairs. Thi7 will give the buyer a better pic of soperty, they will ask less questions and you will project a better image of yourself professionly. Also try to cseate FREE flyers formatted for email and craigslist.


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Thank You

Thank you Anita. Your words of encouragement feel good. I'll be sure to make a very thorough flyer to advertise this deal with. I will definitely try that VFlyer program out. And yes i've got myself covered so I have a back out plan. The contract will be contingent upon Partner's Approval, Inspection, Acceptable financing, and appraisal coming in @ or above purchase price. I think i'm getting enough of a deal here where an investor would be interested.

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