Lily frm LA Journal.

Lily frm LA Journal.

Yesterday I finished Dean's new book, Profit from Real Estate, Right Now! I have to admit though when I first ordered it 3weeks ago I just left it on a shelf in my kitchen. I recently had eye-surgery, and started to feel sorry for myself. Other private events have taken a dive in my life recently that made me want to quit. I was very moved on watching Dean's New TV Show. He says things that inspire you not to quit REI. After finishing his new book, I called two rental properties that are walking distance from my home to see if they would like to sell them at a discounted price. Which I learned this technique in his book. I am currently running the numbers thru for FMV on both homes and what homes are selling for right now. On Monday I will be walking thru the homes. I will follow-up with more details to my plan of action. Like Dean says only I can pull myself out of this ditch that Im in, and I know that my DG family is here to catch me when I fall.

Happy Easter everyone!
Lily frm LA


Glad you're back

I try and keep track of everyone on here and it just dawned on me that I haven't seen your name for awhile.I know you spent a lot of time on REI as you mentioned before and I do not want you to give up.I cant imagine how hard it's been for you to get going in this buissness.Keep active on this site again and I know we will get there.
Glad you came back.


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REO's/Short sales.

Today is a great day, I am meeting with my Realtor tomorrow for a meeting on making offers on these great properties I found all on Zillow this morning. Some are REO's/Short Sales and in a great neighborhood. I know this because my brother lives there. I don't know the comps yet I will at are meeting thurs. But these homes I picked out have been on the market as long as more than 200days on zillow. Asking $140k Neighborhood going for 290k some 3bdrm 2baths. I am amazed how on the web these houses look immaculate. I am soo darn pumped up. I have so far 6 on my list. Wish me luck!! I might do a drive by this afternoon. Gotta make it happen.


What happened with those

What happened with those properties? Were you able to make any deals from them yet?


Nice to see you started a journal! Didn't realize, I have just been replying to your messages!

Hi J

Thurs. My realtor had to postpone due to her car broke down. I sent her 11 properties to look up comps. Therefore Im put on hold, for now. My weekends I waitress all day so I go back to REI Mode like on Tues. when Im off. My biggest obstacle right now is to stay focused on one property at a time and follow thru and finish what I started. But I will keep you posted on what comes about.


HI Angela K

Hey Angela K what happened to our Club we were gna start? LOL

to whom it may concern

Lily...Good luck.

"For what i can not see;It does not mean... It is not there"
I am too...Much!


LilyfrmLA and AngelaK !!

I didn't forget.
Intercoastal Investing! Smiling

Check out your recent posting on Holez's new forum topic:
"California Gold Country and Sacromento Metro Area DG Network"

I sent a message to you guys. LOLouder! Smiling

My Journal. 4-21

Yesterday I started a new Job and am exhausted. I still havent heard from my Realtor yet reg: comps on those properties. I am the sign of the Libra, which means the balance of the scales. I learned something new today. CUBICLES suck big time. Anyways trying to keep focused on the big picture which is REI. Focus,Focus, take action or should I say Make action. I havent quit IHOP yet because the tips are to good to pass up, so Yes, Im working now 7days a week. Intercoastal Investing sounds good Angela and by the way I do know someone who May just be interested He was a past Mentor of mine who still keeps in touch with me frm Last yr. I pm you my cell then I will shoot him over an email on whats gng on I know hes got lots of money to invest.

Get the Hook up connection girl.

Your pal,


Randy, I didnt get that msg. What do you mean?


I did not understand Randy;s message either!
PMing you with my phone #
I do not think that you gave me your cell #, please send again, thanks.
Been out of the loop for a couple of weeks.
Great to see you still hanging in! Smiling


I do not know but why I cannot send you a PM!
You do not have the send PM message icon/option next to your name.
I tried to send you my cell # and I got:
LilyfrmLA does not accept private messages.

Can you go into your account and change this? I think you sent me your cell but I cannot find that messages (I have a lot of messages), can you resend it to me? Thanks, Love Angela

Hey Lily, Just popped in to

Hey Lily, Just popped in to see how you are doing. Keep working towards your goal. It will happen. I HAVE TO SAY WOW in that you are working 7 days a week.
Hopefully you will get rolling in RE and work part time soon.
good luck

My Journal and Count your Blessings.

Today is Monday, and I just wanted to say count your blessing everyday. If you have read my past blogs on my new job I started 10days ago working in a cubicle call ctr M-F. IHOP weekends. On my way home from work today my agent/G-friend called me and told me that her title company does double closings Yeah, one less thing to worry about in the future. On craigslist last week I called Scott from Laguna Hills (Rich part of town) Mortgate Broker, also does credit repair/HML loans. Meeting him on the phone was amazing. One more check off my list. For Building my team. I am writing this in my journal because for over 1 1/2 yrs of trying to invest in Real Estate I have not done this much action in my life-time. I seem to always dont follow thru. But something clicked inside of me that I deserve a way better life than this rat-race, and my family thats giving me no option to fail. Im trying to say that I am that much closer to my success with the help of my fellow DG Familly guided and pushing me not to flake. Especially when Deans video blogs inspire me to do better. I sure hope I dont let him down. Well thats all I wanted to say for now tomorrow I plan to call Casey and see whats next on our agenda.


Keep the spirit Lily

Lily you're doing things right. Very right. Time is on your side.

I can't wait to read about all of your future successes! Smiling

Thats it Lily your building

Thats it Lily your building up momentum! keep the ball rolling. You will succeed. I had to change my strategy to do some bird dogging first. But I am still trying to buy and rent also. I have a renter in waiting thats not in a rush but want to move closer to work.But I need to build some capital for dp.
good luck.

You are a Hard Worker, Lily.

Just read your Journal, Job at IHOP & the regular one,, & finding time inbetween to look & do REI, its a Struggle, but worth doing, Stay Focused, You are doing Great. Pl; let me know if your Ex Mentor you had mentioned, with lots of Money, if he is interested in Investing in a Truck Stop,/Gas station? I am new in here, but can certainly tell you would be a great success pretty soon, God will bless you with all you are commited for. Sincerely, Barjinder.


Stared on 7th, May 09. I really enjoy very valuable information on this site, specially Journals, Rina & Anita are really extraordinary people,so kind, Patient to listen & teach to everybody.Rina has a special Blessing to do that, equally to all, New comers & Experienced . Barjinder.

You're doing a Great Job Lily!

I applaud at your efforts!
Working 7 days a week and doing REI at the same time!
Good for you! We're here to CHEER your on!

I can't wait to read more from your successes. Smiling

I do have a question for you, how did you go about finding a Realtor?
I'm planning on doing that next week but I'm not sure how to go about it without sounding stupid.

Are you located in LA as in Los Angeles, CA or LA as in Louisiana?

If you live in Los Angeles, maybe we can meet?! I love to network and meet new people. My Hubsand and I have been trying to do RE but never had the funds to do so. Thanks to Dean's books and website, I have more knowledge that I've ever expected. Let me know. Smiling

Good Luck in all you do, I'll be rooting for ya!


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