Fierce Determination to do first Assignment!

Fierce Determination to do first Assignment!

Hey Everyone,

I am so ready to make my first deal happen, extremely motivated would be a huge understatement!

I want to make sure I have everthing in place to ensure it goes as smothly as possible.

What I want to be clear on is the documents and the order they are to be signed?

I have gone over them many times and I want to be completley sure I understand them before I sit down with the seller and buyer.

Also, how would I aproack a title company or real estate lawyer to submit the documents?

Any advice would be very helpful.

I am ready to do this!

Thank you so much!

-Eric Walker


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Advice with my First Deal

I just came across 2 listings from an agent 1 has a FMV of $1,349,000.00 and the other has a FMV of $1,499,000.00. These are both bank owned and the agent has told me the bank will take $550,000.00 for one and $ 565,000.00 for the other one. I have signed the contract on both and would like to assign them to another investor for $ 750,000.00 and $765,000.00 will houses in this price range be harder to move even though the investor will be making $599,000.00 on the first one and $734,000.00 on the other or am I asking to little for these homes? I will be making $200,000.00 on each of the homes.


Million Dollar Homes

Where can I find the details of these transactions sense I am a Real Estate Agent with access to the MLS but have not done my first Assign yet? I so much love Dean's Book,The Proven No Money Down System. I am excited about the future and joining Deans coaching team very soon.

Thanks for everything,

Mayo, 202 327 1867

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