first buyer for buyers list

first buyer for buyers list

I just recieved an email from my first buyer! I got a brief criteria for houses, but land and camps is their biggest interest right now. Being in Maine thats definitly not a problem!
I know a real estate agent that specializes in land in my area, should I contact him and ask for a list of land deals? Would I have to bring him into the deal somehow, or can I still consider this a birddog for myself? Birddogging is what I intend to do.

Any advice?



Sunset Real Estate Investments Inc.

I would say bring him in on

I would say bring him in on the deal. He can do a lot for you and if you reward him with a little of your profit, then he will be glad to help again. Otherwise, he may not want to help in the future. Just my opinion. Good job, Ryan.


I was wondering

What was the email you sent to get your Buyer? If you dont mind sharing. I am still looking for buyers but have deals in line and would like a sure fire way to attract a buyer.



Thanks for the input Brian. It always helps to get others opinions. It's what makes this site great!
Bill, I actually called a "we buy houses" ad in my local paper first, and then he responded by email with his criteria yesterday. I emailed back with a few questions. I asked him on the phone if he worked with investors and if he was looking for homes to flip, if he paid a finders fee,and to email me his info. I was VERY nervous on the phone so I kept it short. Now that I have his info, I can communicate by email which is more comfortable for me right now! Looking for a deal is the easy part.

Thanks for the comments



Sunset Real Estate Investments Inc.

Thanks Ryan

Yeah I have also been very nervous on the phone as well I love I will defiently look into that because I have found alot of we buy houses signs.

I just need to get out of my own way

Chance Property Investments


Only You stand in your way!!! Get out of the way!!!

creative financing

I was wondering if anyone could give me a little info on creative financing. Im trying to purchase a 4plex for 150,000, but based on the mortgage calculater it does'ntlook as if I would qualify for that much of a loan the seller said he is willing to do some creative financing but I really don't know much about it.

FIrst Call

I received my first buyer lead today. The person saw my ad on Craig's list, I also have posted fliers and signs around my target areas, as well as some local free classified listings on line. Now that I have the persons criteria I am looking for a deal on a property that will fit. I will start with the foreclosure list and work from there!!

Wish me luck,

Can you give me an idea?

Perry good luck...The ad you posted what did it say? If you dont mind...

re: creative financing

Be leery of what his terms are for him creative financing the deal. There are several ways to creative finance, one of those ways, is the owner carrying the financing. Look at comps for the area for similar properties. What are his terms if you don't mind sharing so we can better help you in giving you our recommendations or suggestions?


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Reply - add said!

My adds were simple, one for buyers said

1-800-XXX-XXXX EXT #1

The one for sellers said,

1-800-XXX-XXXX EXT #2

Hope this helps! e-mail me @ this site to trade ideas.

Happy Investing,


Ok so once you place these ads and they call the number what kind of questions do you ask? I think I maybe asking the wrong questions.


Ads answer


The first questions I ask people who call wanting to buy a home are,

Have you been turned down by a bank?

What is your credit score?

How long at current job/have you been employed steadily for 2 yrs or more?

What is your criteria,where or what area, beds/baths, sq' range?

How much do you want to spend?

What kind of monthly payment can you afford?

With this info I will know if I need my mortgage broker or if I have to work a creative deal.

By the way if you need a good mortgage broker let me know I found a broker here on the DG network, she can fix the credit of your border line clients and is licensed in 31 states.


Broker Information

hello i was wondering the name of the mortgage broker and if they are licensed in the state of Md.


You will have to ask her about Md

Donna is her name 573-739-4100 or 573-453-8250 call anytime

Thanks Perry

Hey Perry Thanks for the number. Donna is checking if she can work in Ct and gonna see if she can help me. thanks again


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