My Pre & Post Jersey Rehab!

My Pre & Post Jersey Rehab!

Hey everyone,
I've been posting this rehab journey in my journal but wanted to put this link on its own to share some pre and post pics with you all. I just love transforming ugly little houses into places someone will love to call home! Its still about 2 weeks from completion with some painting and landscaping and little finishing touches but I started marketing it yesterday. So excited to be on the home stretch - began rehab May 20th so I'm actually under my estimated time plan with the addition and all - AND coming in just under budget! Running comps again the last few days and my estimated profit range will be between 33-43,000! Heres the picture link:

Sorry-Correct Link

oops - the link didnt work right in the above post....trying again....


that you're wrapping up. You can definitely tell it has new personality after TLC that has gone into it.


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3 Responses!

Had it on Craigs list one day and I've had three responses! I put them off till next week since landscaping will be done this weekend and that good old curb appeal is oh so important. But I'm really happy for this early response to selling on my own- gives me added confidence that I've priced it correctly for a quick sale and good deal for both myself and the buyer. I didnt have the courage to do that on my first flip last year - so just another example of how much I've grown since beginning my RE journey. This time around I have no doubt I can sell it myself, and I no longer have a fear of meeting and talking to people - which was one of my major hurdles starting this business! Next step - posting that I have a signed contract Smiling


Way to go, sister!!
Definitely keep us in the loop (I know you will!).

Looks great! How's Steve feeling, getting to the end now? Is he just shaking his head, cause I KNOW you've already got your eyes on your future purchases! lol

so proud,



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Looks awsome Laura!!!!! I

Looks awsome Laura!!!!!
I love to see that confidence oozing out of you Eye-wink
There aint no stopping you now!
good luck with the sale

Haha Rina!

Yes - yesterday I told Steve I had my eye on our next project and he was kind of speechless - but happy of course. This has been a long time dream of his and first finding me, and then me finding Deans books was the best thing that ever happened to him haha. (I remind him all the time Smiling) Plus - on the first rehab he was my hired handyman. Guess he had to see it really work! Now we're he's even more excited to see the end profits. Nothing like motivation to keep him working on schedule ha! You're on fire, girlfriend - I gotta play catch up!

Thanks Richie!

I really appreciate your support! Whats doing on your deal up there? Do you have a journal going? If so I need to bookmark and keep up with your daily exploits Smiling

ok - nevermind - i found it!

Nice job Laura

Good job on that project.


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Nice Job Laura!

The house looks great. I like everything but am really impresed with the kitchen. Yes, this will be an adorable 'home' for the lucky buyer.


Hi Laura,
Someone will really enjoy this home. It looks really great! Isn't this an amazing opportunity we have to help change someones life for the better? Great work Laura. Continued success.............Lubertha



Hi Laura!

WOW! The house looks beautiful! Talk about turning a frog into a prince!Sticking out tongue
Great job! I can't wait to see the next one! Congrats!

The other WI sis,



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Fantastic work! That is a vast improvement from the before pictures. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us, its great to see a finished project. I'm glad to hear you've gotten such high response already!

Good luck with selling and moving on to your next project! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Thanks Everyone!

BuildAssets, Fracarell789, Lubertha, Dawn & Mike - its really amazing to me to look at what I've accomplished and be able to share it with everyone here who appreciates it! Finding Dean and this site is such a Godsend...and my favorite part is that not only do I profit, but those who get the houses I work on get a quality home at a great price - so like you say Lubertha - everyones lives are changed for the better. I just took my sons by to see it tonight (one home from South Carolina and the other home from the Air Force) they were so impressed by what I've done and my knowledge of RE and rehabbing I thought my heart was going to pop with pride. Its a moment I will never forget - as Dean calls it - a real ah ha life moment!


Thats great! Thats what life is all about, moments like that. Smiling I can't wait to have that moment of pride when I can show my family members how much I've accomplished.

Good luck in the future, I am sure all will continue going well for you! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


Hi, laura this is perry, if you don't mind my asking how did you finance your rehab? did you use hard money? if so could you recommend any one to use? i'm in pa, still looking for hard money lenders.thank's and great job on the rehab.perry


The transition is like night and day, amazing renovations. I know you will make some home owner very proud. God Bless.



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Just wonderful!

What great photos and congratulations on a beautiful rehab. It sounds as though you about to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Looking at the photos and what you accomplished was like watching one of those rehab shows on HGTV! I'm curious, did you encounter any surprises along the way?

Can't wait for the final chapter of this property!
Nancy D.


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Mike, pdawg, sandra & nancy

thanks my friends for your comments! Mike-keep that great feeling in your mind as you move forward in real estate and it will be a driving force for your success!
Sandra - you are an inspiration to me so thank for the compliments!
Nancy - omg - how funny, when I closed on my first house I went inside and made a video of myself saying "I'm Laura Johnson and THIS is my flip!" just like the TV show haha. And now I'm posting pics and getting comments like yours in real life! Amazing, thanks! Luckily in this house we had only one real surprise - with the wiring. Someone had actually used speaker wire for alot of the house!! Luckily Steve does all that himself so it wasnt too big of a deal to fix. Went over budget a bit on the addition, but made up for that in other areas. So all in all it was a sweet rehab and we stuck pretty close to our numbers.
pdawg - the details of my deals are in my journal but heres a recap of this one: hard money from family and friends @ 15% (I have not used outside source yet),some of Steve and my own savings, maxed out two credit cards at 0% interest for a year, and my HELOC. This is why I am not positioned to hold and rent. Cant pull enough out from the bank to pay off hard money and credit cards. They will only lend me 70% of PURCHASE price, not FMV now. Too bad - but I plan on leveraging myself better on the next one to hold and rent. Thats my goal. I want a whole stable of cash flow properties Smiling

Speaker wire? yikes!

That is pretty funny (albeit dangerous!) that someone used speaker wire for the inside wiring. Wow. I'm going to be reading through you journal to see more of the details of the work you put into this. And I hope we'll be seeing that video you made here on the site one day! That's one show I'd tune into to. Smiling

Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry -

This is true for RE..."The best way to learn this business is to do this business." - John Addision, co-chief executive officer, Primerica

Aerialist's Journal - Because Life Is a Circus

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