My first deal

My first deal

I finally locked up my first deal using a purchase agreement ready to assign it to one lucky person and/or company.I have this property listed for $15k over the agreed purchase price.I listed the property on craigslist in Texas,which is where I am doing business.I totally need everyones support since I've never had that in my life in anything I have done.I want to make a huge difference in peoples lives and feel very strongly that this is the way to do it.I too,would like to live the American Dream again.I'm bouncing back.Thank you all very much.This will be the first support system I have ever experienced.Check out my profile,I wrote a brief synopsis of what finally drove me here.Thanks DG for all of your efforts in changing the world.You are doing it with your team for sure.


Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Great job. Your desire to make a difference in the life of others will propel you to even higher heights. I look forward to the details on this deal and even more deals to come. Congratulations!!


Way to go! Thanks for sharing your story on your first deal with us. How exciting as you are living the American dream! Keep up the good work and keep working on your plan. Good luck with your future real estate deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Great job on your first deal

Thanks everyone.

I appreciate all of the support from everybody thus far.
Just to update everyone on my first deal, I faxed a new contract to the seller's attorney on the 2nd of Sept. I followed up after 2 weeks of not hearing or seeing a response. Apparently they have not received my fax. I am typing up a new contract and will be faxing it again today. The deal is still a go. Now I just need to have an open house to increase my buyers list. More updates later, when they evolve. Thanks again for your support.


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