My 1st deal

My 1st deal

I am meeting a seller in the morning to lock in a property at 60% market value. I am working on some buyers to assign the deal to. What documents should I have owner sign?

He knows that I am not purchasing the home that it will be reasigned.

Thanks in advance


Hey Tim

Hopefully you will get this deal. Even thou your not purchasing the property, you still want to get it under contract. You can still use the Purchase & Sale Agreement or Option To Purchase, make sure you put and/or assign after your name on either form. When you assign it over to the new buyer just use the Assignment Contract.If you don't have these forms yet, just go to Forms & Docs in the DG site and you will find them all there. Good job & keep us posted.

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Any updates or news on this potential deal? Were you able to locate the forms you had needed? Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Do you have a buyer to assign in place ready to go? Make sure you have an out clause in your offer. Congrats and keep up the pace....Jan

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