A Little House

A Little House

2 years ago we bought this little 800sqft house 2 bedroom on a corner lot with a nice sized yard. We paid 56k for it with private money. We aquired it with marketing the neighbor hood with post cards. Our plan was to rent it out and take the cash flow which was about 150.00 a month. not bad.... Well that little house became vacant in August. We put up out for rent signs, ran ads in the local papers to re rent it. when showing it a young couples approached us to buy the little house. We said sure.90k... They bought it after everything was said and done in September we closed and made 31k from this deal Yippee!! And my husband the sweetheart that he is, held these kids hands all of the way through the process. He even helped them save money. Thier lender was quoting them way too much so Dan sent them to out broker(good for us too). He saved them 4700 dollars in fees that the other lender was going to charge and he also helped them get qualified for the first time home owners program.

this was a sweet little house Smiling


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Great post

This is a good example of how the DG family can make progress and help others along the way. Keep up the good work.

Hi Donna Doo,

Congratulations on selling your rental property and making 31K. What a sweet story about how your husband helped this young couple into their first home AND saved the money. This is typical of DGer's Smiling

I wish you the best in REI.

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Pretty awesome! Glad to hear stories like that! Keep up all the good work.



Congratulations guy's this what we need and hope all as well going forward.


I like it

Congratulations....If it happened to you probably it will happen to anybody..Just right approach and the right time...dom


Great work guys. It is better than buying god!!!!Much luck in your new ventures....Jan


Thanks for sharing your story! You just never know where your deals and succeses are going to come from in this business. But by being in the game it happens! Happy for you guys and happy for your buyers that you helped along the way. Great job!

It comes back...

Donna Doo
Great story! Anytime we can help folks out I believe it comes back to us. Best of luck to you both!


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Good for you..............was also exicted to see another person from the PNW

Great job!




Nice - from start to finish - very nice Smiling

Keep it up

Amazing story

You call that "taking the bull by it's horns." Congrats on a great deal, God Bless.



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Great Read

I have just received your book am reading it now and look forward to deals in the future I will watch the DVD before I go to bed and again at work tomorrow during lunch. I am determined to make this work and I think I have finally found a way that I can accomplish my goals. Thanks Dean for all your hard work to help people. You are what America is about and we all are proud of you and thank you for the help I know we will receive in the future. I will not let this go and I will suceed no matter what

Bless You
Brenda Faye in Alabama


That is wonderful, those are the kind of things i like to read.


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What a great story! Smiling

What a great partner you have there! Smiling

Dan, Mr Donna Doo, I just loved reading that you helped out the couple who bought your 'Little House'

I believe in Karma, good things will come to you as a result of this. Count on it! Smiling


Great job!!

Way to go on the sale and helping the young couple! It's all about giving back and winning along the way. Keep up the great work and good luck to you for all your future deals!



Rick Merritt
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thank you all for the kind words

Dan and I got into this business thinking we would help others along the way. So, this was very nice. A warm fuzzy felling fro both of us. Mr. Doo is a sweetheart all the time by the way. Again thank you all for the kind words.


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

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