1st time poster - but lots to tell

1st time poster - but lots to tell

Hi Everyone in the DG family!!!

Just wanted to share a few recent events... but first just a brief on my background...

I've been dabbling in Real Estate for about 6 years or so. Pretty much doing it the hard way and learning the "won't do that agains!!" Lost money on a large investment (ponzi scheme), used equity from investment properties to buy others (causing negative cash flow.... yes ouch). I own a few rentals in Yuma and Austin, love those areas. I've been one of the, as Dean puts it, "It won't work in my area..." people. I live in San Diego and work as a Firefighter here in the city. I joined the academy just over a month ago and doing a lot of learning... But I was being pulled down by one of my properties, vacant for the past 3 months!!! So I started asking the GREAT instructors for options... Which brings me to my 1st post....

If all goes as planned I will have a Lease Option agreement signed within the week!!! That vacant, negative cash flow property will give me a $3500 option with about $200 more in lease payments each month!!!! Pray for me...

Then I decided to attend a San Diego Club meeting last night... WOW, Doesn't work in SO Cal---? I got 7 assignment/rehab buyers and a hard money lender to add to my list....

I still plan on continuing efforts in the other areas I'm familiar with but I will also look closer to home...

One step at a time but moving forward.... Thanks to all who share!!!


Welcome to posting!

Hi windfall_dp,

First, Thank You, We feel firefighters and police
do not hear that enough, Thank you very much.

Talk about the School Of Hard Knocks, you sure
have been there.Smiling Looks like you are on a forward,
prosperous track now. Keep up the great work.
We wish you a full life, much love and Great Fortune!

God bless,
Alice n John


Welcome to the the DG website communtiy and congratulations for making your first post. Real estate can be rewarding but we all make our fair share of mistakes at times. The key is to use these as learning experiences even though they are difficult to go through at the time. The more we learn today will bettter prepare us for tomorrow. It sounds, as though, you are making steps in the right direction. Keep up the good work and keep us updated on your progress. Good luck with all your future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hello & welcome. Congratulations on LO your negative cash flow property and making it a positive cash flow! I will keep good thoughts and say a prayer for you.

Like yourself I'm always impressed with the coaches they are knowledgeable, creative and helpful.

I wish you the best in REI.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

very cool

Thanks so much... L.O Not signed yet but they gave a deposit and are waiting for the completed documents!!!!

I also talked to a San Diego Realtor I've dealt with in the past and he seems to be on board... I sent over the buyers criteria just a few minutes ago....


Welcome to the DG family. It is indeed a pleasure to hear about the process you are endeavoring to embark on. Like they say, "there are many ways to skin a cat." You have taken "the bull by the horns," of thinking outside the box and making the process of lease option another way to make things happen. I pray that all works out for you as we know it will. Speak it into existence and make it happen. God Bless.



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Miley Cyrus...the CLIMB-

Listen to that song! Inspires me! Yeah, my husband was a firefighter volunteer,Asst. Chief in his spare time-whew! Like you, been there,done that, with all the negative cash flow rentals and headache tenants! So, at the starting gate again-learning the creative ways to do real estate, all sorta new to me. I have read all the stuff, went to reia-s, seminars with the gurus, you name it. Still have to get past the fear factor. Fear, that little negative that develops in the darkroom of our mind, and my newest quote " The greatest mistake we make-is living in constant FEAR that we will make a mistake!-John Maxwell. So, here we can get our other "soul food", motivation, help and inspirations from the DG "family". Many thanks to those for all their inpput!


thanks, I'll look up that song... Miley isn't the first artist that would come to my mind when I think inspirational... now I'm curious.

Fear is interesting. What I've found is, yes, the fear of failure is present when it comes to many issues and events in life. For Sure!!!

I'm not sure if I'm unique with this but ( OK don't laugh... ) there is almost of fear of, "Gosh what if it works..." Because I know it will. What if I'm not ready with buyers when I have a sale? What if I don't have a sale when I have buyers? There's a part of me that wants to have everything lined up first, which means all at the same time in this case. "Analysis Paralysis" as it were...

The trainers say don't worry so I try not to...


Welcome to the DG family. I have been one of the biggest advocates of joining REI clubs. when I first joined there were 7 of us, not great but a start. Now we are 15 strong and I have 15 people on my buyers list, and a mortgage broker who is top notch. The future is unlimited as long as you stay on this site and stick with your REI club. Stay in touch and good luck to investing the DG way....Jan


Yes... there were no disagreements.. just getting them together with my property manager took time...

Thank GOD... now I can concentrate on everything else...

SD Investor

Congrats! I'm also in SD & you can add us to your Buyers list.
Did you attend the SDCIA REI meeting? Let me know & I'll look for you next month. According to the organizer, there was 500 Investors there last Dec., so plan on making a lot of connections @ the Dec.Meeting.


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Yes I was at last months meeting... and thanks...

First timers take heed

Hi Dave:
Congrats on your Victory! Hopefully this will be the beginning of something big!
I'd like to give you all something to watch out for. Let me start by saying that I am enrolled in Dean's academy but have been slow to action from fear of failure. I have become successful at almost everything I have attempted in my life but only after I failed miserably. (Talk about the school of hard knocks!)I was finally taught that the key to success is to make your failures as painless as possible. Take that approach and you will succeed.

As suggested in the course, I recently attended my first REI club meeting. Since it was my first meeting, I just stayed in the background and listened. I finally got up the courage and got involved in a couple of conversations but mostly listened to the other people having the discussions. The general consensis was that you shouldn't trust any of the "TV Gurus". I was very tempted to open my mouth in defense of our group but thought better of it and just listened.
I listened to this one gentleman trying to inform a newbie investor about what mistakes he made in the purchase of his first home. ( He put the cart before the horse.)The newbie kept trying to bring up the fact that he was following one of the TV Gurus "Flip and Grow Rich" phylosophy and felt he got screwed. Once again I heard about how bad the TV Gurus were. Long story short, it turned out that the man giving the advice was one of the founders of the group and almost everything he was telling this newbie to do was exactly what I was learning in Dean's academy. So I guess not all of the TV Gurus shouldn't be trusted! I'll be bringing that up at the next meeting.

So my suggestion to all that are hesitating because of the fear of the unknown, JOIN THE ACADEMY and let them help you. This stuff really works.
How do I know? I listened to the club's guest speaker talk about an investment stratagy that is too advanced for me right now. As I listened to what he was saying, I realized that I had 4 properties on my own street that fit his criteria. I approached him after the meeting and told him of the properties and that I would act as a birddog for him.( I explained that I was still in training and didn't have the money for his strategy.)He immediately gave me a figure for being his birddog and offered me an additional fee for managing the properties (should he get them) since I lived so close to them. As we talked a little more, he was puzzled as to why I paid so much to get trained. My response was "Because it got me to come here."

So if you've learned anything from my experience, it should be to TAKE ACTION!

I'm sorry I rambled on so long and thank you for reading this. I hope it helps some of you.

Andy S
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