After a few bumps in the road and this question and that form later, we got the call yesterday to close our last deal and that date is November 23rd at 11:30am.I have to admit, it was getting a little crazy, but hey, this is the game we have chosen to play. Anyway, we will walk away from closing with $1408.00 in our pockets.
THIS IS TRULY A NO MONEY DOWN DEAL WITH USDA. All of our up front money will come back to us. The only money we spent was a $300.00 house inspection fee which came thru with flying colors. That was an option, not required.
Truly guys, if you live in small town USA, consult your mortgage broker or realtor to get in on this program. BEG, BORROW, HOCK YOUR KIDS (just kidding) to get your up front money. It will come back to you at closing. USDA will fund 100%, did you hear me 100%. Now there is no excuse not to go out and find a deal. Here it is all wrapped up in a bow. There are some income guidelines, meaning you can't make the big buckS at your job to qualify.

So to all of our DG family out there, here is a program waiting for you to take you to the next level.

Thanks to everyone for your support for Jeremy and his dad through these rough times.




Jan and Jeremy

Congrats on your deal Hope you guys have alot of success on all your future deals.
And just wondering what was your offer amount? and is it a single family home?


Asking price was the FMV of 80k. They went for the max. But we came in at 65k only 2 days before an open house and looking back I told Jeremy that I thought we shot ourselves in the foot. Meaning, the seller knew he had an offer of 65k before the open house, so anything over that was gravy. Lesson learned. But at the last minute the realtor canceled the open house, called us and said we have a deal. The rest is history,WHEW!!!!.
Yes it is a single family ranch in great shape. The only changes are what we decide to change. All in all, a great deal.

Jan and Jeremy

Jan and Jeremy glad your back and congratulations on the no money down deal. Would you mind explaining a little about the USDA program you went through? I have found an abandoned home that's rural America I'm working on finding the owners and see if I can buy it. This might be an avenue I could go, just wondering where I can get more information about the USDA program.



Owen Properties, LLC

No Money Down Deal with USDA

Jan elated for both you and Jeremy! Did you write any past post regarding the USDA program? If not could you give me a short overview? It truly would be appreciated. Thanks and waiting for deals 3, 4, & 5 to hit a theatre near me!

Way to go!

We're all SO proud of you guys... I'm calling you the DYNAMIC DUO from now on! Lots of love to you both and keep making us proud!!!!


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."


No problem, glad to help when we can. I would suggest contacting a realtor who you can work with to start. If they are worth their salt they know of this program.
USDA is meant to spur housing growth in small areas such as the one I live in and where Jeremy and I invest and concentrate on. I don't know a bunch on the guidelines of income but if you make over 100k you are out of the running. It is funded by the feds. Average turnaround is 25 business days from date of application to close, but in our case it was about30 days. Once you are approved and the process moves along, USDA will assign the deal to a bank,,in our case it is Chase Bank. Any of your up front fees can all be recouped at closing because they are pr-paid fees prior to closing, which means you get your money back at closing from the title company. Your income to debt ratio has to be within their guidelines also, but if you get in touch with a good mortgage broker, he will explain this. That is all I have for now, if I think of anything else, I will post it in this thread. Keep us in the loop and good luck....Jan

I found a little more on usda program

Someone has all ready explained this program. Here's the link.



Owen Properties, LLC

Thank you Jan

After doing a search on the site I found a little more out on this program. Unfortunately I wouldn't be eligible because it wouldn't be my primary residence. But this is good to know in case I can get this property and then send a potential buyer to go check into it.

Thanks Jan


Owen Properties, LLC

Jan another question

Jan did you and Jeremy qualify for this program as investors? Re-reading your response to my post I'm thinking you two got the USDA loan. Not an end buyer. If that's true, how did you get around the primary residence guideline?

Thank you.


Owen Properties, LLC


My inner circle girl. I was so happy to meet you at last, really. Jeremy and I talk so much about our great weekend with you, Rina,Laura, Greg, and of course DEAN and the guys at the studio. Do you think the make up helped the bags under my eyes???!!!!!! A round of rattlesnake for everyone!!!!
It hasn't been easy for Jeremy, but he is so full of energy and vision, he won't let anything get in our way now. But we are back and my adopted son/ partner gives me no time to rest. I have 3 walk-thrus on the agenda for Saturday, plus helping Terese pack for the move and she has been sick for the last 2 days. I JUST LOVE THIS SITE, THESE PEOPLE, AND THIS BUSINESS. tALK TO YOU SOON....LOVE YA....JAN


It is my primary residence, I thought you new that from our post of a month ago. this program is meant for all DG members out there who are looking to get away from paying rent and becoming owners. I would imagine that down the road it could be opened up to investors as i think it should....Jan

Jan & Jeremy

Congratulations on deal 2 of course, but I am really happy for Jan and family to have a new home to move into, this is fantastic news!

Congrats Jan & Jeremy!! You

Congrats Jan & Jeremy!! You guys are doing great!!


Thank you for all of the support. Things have been very hectic lately, but we are working. I am very happy that myself and Jan were able to get him and his family into their very own home which is well deserved. I am going to make my mom proud and keep on pushing through. Going full force right now, Jan and I are not stopping. 3 houses to look at on Sat. All of which were found on CRAIGSLIST. Will post more next week, we are hoping to have atleast 2 offers in on the 3, and have another deal set. God bless you dg family for supporting eachother thru the good and the bad. Believe in what you do and set your mind on and there is no stopping you.



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J & J!

HUGE KUDOS Jawdropping! Smiling on the USDA loan! I haven't clicked the link that barbara2000 gave us (thanx Barb!) yet but I'm going to when I finish here.
I'm not YET familiar with the 'background story' on you guys but I DO know that you're CLOSING DEALS and MAKIN' MONEY! That's COOL! Laughing out loud You're also sharing your experience with the rest of us which I think is even COOLER! Helping others is the REAL key to a successful life. Smiling
Thanx again.


* * * * * -> -> Smiling <- <- * * * * *
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What I do with it is my gift to God.

Yesterday is a cancelled check.
Tomorrow is a promissory note.
TODAY is CASH-IN-HAND. How am I going to invest it?

Smiling Live Life. Love Life. Live Love! Smiling

FOMAC weighs in.....

Hey Jan and Jeremy,

Way to go guys! Keep em coming, I look forward to reading about your successes in the future. Jeremy, hey I know life has been a little tough on you lately with your personal and family life. I just want you to know that I have drawn inspiration from your story with Jan here on DG since I bought the book and your story has been part of the drive that moves me forward on a daily basis. Congratulations on your success and I hope that you will feel peace this holiday season and enjoy the time with your family. Again I am so sorry to hear of your loss, but we all have gained alot from you, so be proud and be thankful brother! Looking forward to meeting the two of you in the future and following your sucesses!

Go get em boys!


FOMAC Properties
Jeff McCaskey


I enjoyed reading your post. Congratulations on your deal. I look forward to reading more of your deals as you post them.



Failure Is Not An Option

Congrats Jan on owning your

Congrats Jan on owning your own home! and to jeremy on the deal. I hope to see many more posts on your future deals. Jeremy, keep in touch Eye-wink
I think Jeremy will one day buy Springsteens home from him. Glad to see your up and running Jeremy. good luck neighbor.

thats awesome...congrats

thats awesome...congrats again you guys...def looking forward to hearing deals 3,4,5 and so many more


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Congrats Jan and Jeremy

Congrats on making this deal happen. I look forward to your other deals. Jan, Hope Teresa feels better soon. Enjoy your new home. God Bless.



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Congratulations and great job. I am glad you are back.


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Jan & Jeremy,

Congratulations on deal #2! Jan I wish you and your family the best in your new home. Jeremy, you are continuing to make your Mom proud.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC


Two of my all-time favorite guys! And yes, a round of rattlesnake, Jan!! LOL.
And then wash it down with a facefull of AZ dust! Right Jeremy?? LOL

SO proud of you guys!! I think being with Dean and everyone else, and getting to brainstorm together really does something to the REI soul! Puts you in FULL-SPEED-AHEAD mode, for sure!!!

Love you both! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

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For a little about me, welcome to the site, and a few tips for new DG family members, click on this link: http://www.deangraziosi.com/user/3249


Yes, it was great to brainstorm and chat with you and the others. I loved the rattlesnake, it tasted better than chicken. lol It was great riding those beautiful horses in the desert heat. Really relaxes you and gets ya in touch with your soul. Jan and I have a million ideas runnin' round our heads now. Millions, here we come!



This train, Dreams will not be thwarted
This train, Faith will be rewarded
Big wheel roll through fields where sunlight streams
Meet me in the Land Of Hope And Dreams

Bruce Springsteen

Congrats My Friends

SO happy to hear you are finalizing this deal! You guys are the best and I'm very happy for your acomplishments and to see you moving upward and onward to the TOP! Love ya....Laura

scholarship program

I just read Deans newest book Profit from Real Estate Right now.
I knew this was something I can do and Iam excited about the program.
I also knew I could not afford any more money than the $29.00, I spent on the book. I barely could do that.
Where do I go to sign up for the scholarship?
Thank you

Hey my Dynamic Duo!!!

I'm so glad to see that you guys are moving full speed ahead considering all that's happened. Jeremy's right, you will BOTH be millionaires very soon.
I hope Terese's feeling better by now. It sucks moving when you're sick, heck it sucks when you're healthy... LOL!
Oh Jan, I didn't see ANY bags under your eyes, so I guess the make-up worked. Yeah right! Seriously, I had such a good time talking and joking around with both of you when you came. It warms my heart to see that you're doing so well after Jeremy's tragedy, look at all the people you inspire. Just goes to show you that you can't keep a good man down. Keep us posted on the 3 walk throughs, I got my tickets to the next show. ;D


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Jan and Jeremy rural development loan

Thanks for sharing this I am so glad for you

Barbara and others

Do not try to get around the primary residence. It is not honest!
This is how to use this loan. It is a good one. You do not have too be a first time home buyer but it does need to be your primary residence. So you could move to something better or........Find a broker who knows it in and out and refer your buyers to him/her. It is win win. The broker has clients, your buyer can pre- qualify so you can flip or assign to.

For me I think this will be magic. I live in an area where houses are $$$$$$$$$$ and we are losing our middle class. The price point for buyers is thousands below the market, but that will change. There are many fabulous people who need affordable housing and I think this loan will help!

Thank you Thank you so much


I am glad that you seen the potential in this program. It will help your buyers list big time. Simply put, it is a program that many are waiting for, they just don't know how to find it........Jan

Hi Dean !!

I would like to Thank you, my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all the blessing I receive, specally my health, and knowledge that I have opointunity to learn real estate. I know God have a plans for me. He want me to hange my life and have a future.I groly in His planness.
I groly in His truth.
I groly in my Jesus for He hath redeemde my soul from Hell.
kong sourivong

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