2 Accepted offers this week!

2 Accepted offers this week!

I have been working with a real go getter realtor, last week we looked at 5 houses, I made four offers and 2 of them were accepted! Unfortunately I can only afford one right now so I will have to pick, but what a posiition to be in! One is a 2/2 and would have to create 3rd bedroom with egress and walls in basement, the other is a 3/1 with an unfinished basement but the studs are up and electrical has all been pulled through studs. It looks as though the 3/1 was being remodeled by owners when they went into foreclosure, so main level needs minimal, the kitchen was just redone. I have been running ghost ads on craiglist for a lease/option or contract for deed for a 3/2 in my area and getting some great response. I already have a bank lined up to do the refi with, so once I do the rehab, I will refi and be off to next one. ( I thought about maybe getting private money, so I can do both, but I think my hubby would kill me) Gotta love RE!



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This all sounds so interesting and something I must keep up with as well to see how this all comes out for you in case I come across something like this and I get caught up in myself so I know to think more about it or not to think to much about and just get things done and make money when and where possible.


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