I just locked up my first one!

I just locked up my first one!

It feels great to know that if I follow what I'm taught, then it follows that I WILL succeed.

I put the Automated Forecloser Finder into motion.
I set up the 1-800 # and the online survey. then I put out some signs that read...

Don't Let Them Foreclose
I Buy Houses
Fast Fast

Two days later I got a call, he filled out the online survey and the automated system notified me. (Even though I was out of town at the time.)
First thing Monday I called him and he was very pleased with my quick response. Said he had called a few others but I was there to meet his needs.

We looked at the property Monday afternoon, and signed the Purchase Agreement Tuesday morning.
Now I'm going to work my Buyers List and 10 or 12 online classifieds.

So far I only have about 2 hours in this and Wow --
am I excited!! I'll keep you posted.
David England


David England

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world.
Those who MAKE things happen...
Those who WATCH things happen...
& Those who WONDER what happened...
DECIDE who you want to be...

lock it up

David that is great news!Your deal really happen fast,Can you give a description of the deal.


Invest in yourself!

your first

david,i'm so proud and happy for you.keep moving forward.rob


whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.- Henry Ford
keep moving forward, rob

Way To GO!!!

Way to go David. That's a true inspiration for me, since I'm ready to get going in REI.

Please give details on the deal.



Robin Potter - REI

" All things are possible to him who believes. " [Mark 9:23]

The deal is almost too simple

4 bedroom 2 bath ,fireplace, Spanish tile, on 1/2 acre, in North Central Texas. He owes 98K. Tax appraisal @ 132K I offered 100K He just wants out from under the note.
I will put it out to my buyers list @ 102K. I'll make 2K at the closing table with very little time or effort on my part.

Then I'll go looking for another one!!!



David England

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world.
Those who MAKE things happen...
Those who WATCH things happen...
& Those who WONDER what happened...
DECIDE who you want to be...

Job well done!

Congrats! Can you post some details about your deal?


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Very nice...BUT....

When you say your going to work your buyers list...do you already have your buyers list made? Or do you need to develop one? I am new to this myself, but for all other new members who want to jump right in and get ahead of yourselves let me tell you...without a buyers list you have nothing!! I am a member of the success academy and they make sure to never let you forget that. In this situation...Dave put in great work, but if he did not have a buyers list to pass on the property to, he could potentially lose the deal. ..

On the other side of things, I wasnt sure how I felt about the automated ads, I just might give them a try.

Thanks Dave...hope you got that buyers list, and good work.


I have to agree with JMarks...

Great job Dave, you're definately making things happen... keep it up! But J is right about having that Buyer's List... I just found 5 properties in the area which I live that are prime investment opportunities, especially for investors like us who have knowledge of the "DG Family" techniques. I already have the deals structured on paper and want to submit my offers, but here's the problem... I have no potential buyers yet! I'm doing assignments right now; if there's no one to assign the deals to, the deals aren't going to amount to anything. With that said, I am HUNTING WITH A PASSION for buyers at this time; I strongly suggest that you do the same if you haven't already. You don't want to let good deals pass you by simply because you have no one to pass them to. Even better, if you can find out what your buyers particularly want ahead of time, it will make your chances of closing a deal that much better... Again, keep it up Dave!

Way to go!

Lots of luck on making your deal work David. You are inspiring to me.


Don't Rain

Lets not rain on Davids parade.
If his offer to buy is made in such away that he uses none of his own money even the deal falls thru than he has structred the deal properly.
as he starts to find a buyer for this deal he will get a lot more buyer leads than if he has nothing to sell at all.
It is my understanding that one of the strategies used to find buyers is to post adds for properties even if you do not have any (ghost adds).
So isn't it better to have at least one when you post yor adds?
Like I said at the start it's important that David does not lose money if the deal falls thru.

Great Job, David!

Congrats on your first step!
Keep us post it Smiling


Whether You Think You Can or Can't, You Are Right
~ Henry Ford ~

Great Job, David!

Congrats on your first step!
Keep us post it Smiling


Whether You Think You Can or Can't, You Are Right
~ Henry Ford ~

Thats awesome! keep it going!

Great work! Keep it going!
I'm building my buyers list and hope to have at least 20 buyers
before I find sellers. I'm figuring FMV of properties that sold in areas I want to work to see if those buyers overpaid or got a great deal!


Great job

Great job on getting out there and getting your first home locked up. Post on craigslist, local papers, and get yourself a buyer for a nice fee! Keep us updated on your progress.



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About the Buyers List

Yes I already have about 6 or 8 active investors on my list. I'm sure that will grow as time moves on. I also have a great list of online classified ad sites that I will post to today, so with that said,I have high hopes of closeing my first deal with only $10. earnest money at risk.

The seller only wants out from under the note. If I find a buyer, He will get a nice home with about $25,000 in equity, the seller will walk away with $2,000. and no more payments, and I get $2,000. just for putting the two of them together. WIN- WIN- WIN. If I can't find a buyer in 60 days then all I've done is gained a Million Dollars worth of experince at a cost of
$10 bucks.

I'm always open to advice, but I believe I've pretty much done this one by the book.

Thanks for all the encouraging words and
I'll keep you up to date on my progress.
David England


David England

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world.
Those who MAKE things happen...
Those who WATCH things happen...
& Those who WONDER what happened...
DECIDE who you want to be...

Great Job! Dave

You are an insperation all of us new in Real Estate investing.You're doing great! Keep it up.Goodluck with your first deal.


good job david

Is nice to hear things like this happen when you keep going at it but I got one question how did you got your investors,Thanks in advance and good luck whit this transaction.

Buyer's list

What is the best way to start a buyers list??


Kenndrich D. Land

Buyers List

When you first get on the DG site go to the Search and enter at the top left hand corner of the page and type in how to start a buyers list and read all!If you want a question answered always go there and there will be a lot of good info hope this helps


Jay C

Congratulations Dave

Great to hear of your success !!

Keep it up and don't stop with just one ..


Excellent Dave!

You are another perfect example of taking the knowledge available to us and putting it into ACTION! Keep us posted how the deal goes! Oh and I'm curious - how did you build your buyers list? I'm always interested to hear all the different techniques students use to accomplish this all important task. Again - congrats on making this happen!

Congrats DAVE

Good job om your first I am starting right now just because you outlined it so simple. Keep us posted.

David England

Good job Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm thinking a little different!

Meditation is key, the energy you put out, you'll receive back....10 fold!


Congrats on your deal. Kep us posted with the results of your buyers list.


How I built a list

I'm not the list Guru, I just followed what I read in the books and on the DG website. I picked up the local papers and alo the Greensheets and Thrify-Nickle, American classifieds Local Real Estate rags etc. I found the ads that say "I Buy Houses" and "Sell Today" and "Cash for Houses" etc. Get a legal pad and a pen. Write down the first # and pick up the phone. Call him up and be honest. Tell him you are a beginning investor and you are actively searching for properties at a discount. Ask him what types of properties he is looking for and in what areas. Take NOTES- NOTES- and more NOTES. Ask him point blank,"Would it be OK to add you to my buyers list? Be comfortable with it,ask many questions and learn from him too. You want to build a working relationship with these people. He might not buy from you now but he might be the one that makes you $500K next year.

Now what? - Call the next one in the paper. and so on. In one evening you've started your buyers list.

Search online for a local Real Estate Ivesting Club. Go signup and go to a meeting. These people know people who know people,get to know them.

I just tried some thing new tonight. I just posted this ad on Backpage.c m

Sellers and Investors** Tell me what your looking for** I find em all the time!!!

Sellers** let me look at your property. I may be able to make you an offer right away. If I can't buy it I have an army of other investors who can.

Investors** Contact me with your criteria, let me know what and where you are looking to invest. If I don' have it now I bettcha I can go find it.

Sellers want to sell and Investors want to buy. I help them find each other. Everybody wins.

David England
So get creative "Think a Little Different" Build your list, keep searching for that deal at the same time. Your list will be constantly changing,But it only takes one to make that deal.

Hope you can use some of that.
good luck and go get em.
David England


David England

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world.
Those who MAKE things happen...
Those who WATCH things happen...
& Those who WONDER what happened...
DECIDE who you want to be...



If any of those Ads amount to anything please post it in the following forum topic:


Seems like you are on a roll!

Good Luck!


Way to David!

Sounds like your starting to put it all together! Congrats on the first deal!
I wish you much success in all your future deals!



Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

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Good work Dave

Good work Dave. I like the line where you say if you don't find a buyer will have gained a milion dollars in experience for just 10 bucks. However you will get a buyer.Don't worry. Made my first offer yesterday to guy on a duplex. Guy said he wants 100k. I told him I buy for investment and asked is that the best you can do becasue this place needs work and upgrades. He said the absolute low is 90k. I said is the best... He sadi make an offer. I thought for minute and said 58k. He thought and said I can't do that. Sometime passed, looked around more. I said 65k cash, we can close quickly. He thought about it real good and said let me talk to my wif and son. Matbe we can come up to 75k or something, he threw that that in. He I will think about and talk to my family and let you know. I gave gave him my card and said call if it works and call to let me know it doesnt. He said I will. But I got him to come down from 100k in a few minutes. Is seems to be motivated and plus he told he owes 45k. So he can pay off loan and make 20k. Good deal to me. I can flip for 5k. Propa ARV is 135k. My end buyer gets a great deal. We all are happy. Sorry dave for chiming in your time ya stroy motivated me to tell about my small success. But I am happy for you and things will work out. Just keep marketing DAVE!!! Just promise to lend me 20 bucks LOL!!! Just fooling wid you.


I got my mind made up.....

www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)

good work dave!!!

way to go dave,you are making it happen !!! like you said it is just getting out there and DOING IT.the knowledge is right here on this site with tips and action as you have shown us !!! great job my man and thanks for sowing us IT CAN BE DONE !!!!


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David, This is AWESOME!! You are on your way! Keep us posted Smiling


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Congrats David !

You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your buyers list.

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