Need help!!!!!!!

Need help!!!!!!!

I've recently received a motivated seller who are trying to sell their house. The house has been up for rent for some months now without no offers. They don't want to assign the property to me , but will pay me to sell it for them. The problems is i don't know what to do now. I find this problem by bird dogging. Need help!!!!


Several Options

First - congrats on finding a great deal! Here are my thoughts on where you are: (this is assuming you know its a good deal where you can sell it under market value and still make money)
1. Do you have a buyers list you can go to? If so you can then tell them about the property and collect a modest bird dog fee.
2. To get paid for selling it for them IS doing an assignment - unless you are a licensed realtor. You must lock up the property for an agreed price, then make your money assigning it to an end buyer.
3. If you dont have buyers - go to craigs list and put an ad on for the property. Dont tell address but give enough details about why its a great investment and see if you get prospective buyers to contact you.
If bird dogging and assigning are your strategies - you must build your buyers list to be successful and move deals when you find them.
Good luck! Keep us posted.

Thanks you so much!!!!

How do I lock up the deal with the owner. What do I say to them now that I've already talked to them. I'm just starting and i'm as green as they come!!

Legally you can't do it

Legally you can't do it unless you have a license or you can assign the property or have him fill out an agreement saying you get a finders fee for X amount

Otherwise, you will not get paid

If its a great deal that you

If its a great deal that you feel you can move to an end buyer, lock it up with a purchase agreement, then turn it over to one of your investors with your fee included with an assignment contract. That is assuming you have a buyers list. If not, maybe you can get it under contract and offer to split the profit with someone who has a buyer that buys the deal from you.
good luck and congrats on taking action.

I think

the option is...An option contract!


Invest in yourself!

Can you expand on what an Option Contract is???

I've heard this mentioned before and would love to know more specifics... Thanks in advance!!


Be very careful of all these

Be very careful of all these so-called 'investors' you find; most are in the same position as you and looking to do the same thing as you.

When I first think of investor, I think of the person(s) who have cash, can close in less than 1 week, and move onto the next property.

I've worked or tried to work with a few people on here and while the assignment strategy is good, those using it should be extremely careful about how much info is given before they reveal the property address;

Ask how much experience do they have, how many homes they own, how long hoave they flipped, and ask them to send you a bank statement or POF,.....not these phony POF letters people advertise here. To further validate, get # of bank and speak with branch manager to confirm. If the 'investor' has problem, they are full of ^%$#. A real investor would understand your being as thorough.

Like I said, just because someone tells you they are an investor doesn't make them an investor; try and not waste your time speaking with the man who knows the man with the money. Speak to the man with the money.

Short Sale

I was presented with a short sale though an ad that I placed on craig's list. I called the re agent and asked about the property. She said that the bank is asking 200,000. I ran the comps on DG analysis system, it est. 175-250. I also asked her to e-mail me the comps also. I asked if she would make an offer for me since I was not working with an agent, with a discount on her commission. She agreed, so I made an offer of 150,000 which that would include all closing cost, and no money down. I have 2 buyers that is interested. I'm set to meet with her in a few days, to write up the contract and wanted to know if 150.000 is to high, would the bank except an offer with my name and the word "associate" on the contract? Would I need to have the investor's name on the contract also? The property is 4BD, 2.5Ba with some updating in the kitchen but little to no repairs. It is on a cul de sac in a very good neighborhood, and is 1750sq ft.

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