5th deal after joining success academy !!!!

5th deal after joining success academy !!!!

i just got back from a two week cruise with family and friends with the PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE !!!! while on this awesome and exciting trip to 8 different ports i laid in the sun sipping on a cold drink relaxing and reading deans new book YOUR TOWN your real estate profits!!! what an AMAZING book and abundant amount of hands on knowledge. I LOVE THIS BOOK !!
i dont say this to brag but to tell you the opportunities that await you if you have not read ALL his books and joined the academy !! oh yeah i must mention that i completed my 5TH DEAL while looking at the blue ocean relaxing with my family!!!!!!!!! i cant think of anything more AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME. more than this !!! i got a text from a great person you may know from this site named Rina !!!! she has helped numerous people on this site and she helped me to complete my latest deal # 5 to hopefully soon recieve my complete refund !!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!.
I ALSO WANT TO MENTION : i will be eagerly awaiting to meet fellow dgers at the live edge event 2010 YEAH BABY !!



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Is always good to heard people having success.....
What was you 5th deal about?


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Way to get it Done!

Can't wait to meet you at the EDGE! I am so pumped for you man! Congatulations on your 5th deal.



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Love the attitude and the enthusiasm. Go guy!!


EHCO Encouragement, Help, Confidence, Opportunities - DO IT!!!!


CONGRATULATIONS on your 5th deal! Can't wait to hear the details. There goes Rina again (as usual) helping people!

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

O Yea!

Congrats on your 5th deal, keep up the great work.

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Freaking Awesome

Congrats - What an amazing feeling! I bet when you signed up you were skeptical, but you did it. That is awesome we are super impressed and happy to have you in our DG family!

Congrats again and Best of Luck in the Future!


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Nice Job

Congratulations and keep up the great work.


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Way to Go!

What a great accomplishment. I am so excited for you. Can't wait to see you at the Edge as well.

Up is the only way

Congrats on a job well done. You did an exceptional job. Money back in the bank. Can't wait to hear the details. God Bless.



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Awesome - bet you can't wait for the tuition refund!

Congrats - I'm looking for my fifth complete with refund now.
You rock!


Blessings & Favor,
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real estate

hey Jay
perhaps you can give us the run down on your deals and the cash flow and all thiose types of deals

way to go

Later man

Great to know

I am just starting and so scared that I may make a mistake. There are so many negative people. It is nice to hear success stories.

Congrats on that 5th deal

Congrats on that 5th deal


Amazing man, truly amazing. I guess I will be the one asking questions at our meet. No problem there. Talk soon...Jan

Way to go, Jay!!!! Persistence pays off!!!

Congrats Jay! You took the bull by the horns and MADE REI work for you. Even with the deals you had in the works, you saw an opportunity and JUMPED on it. Very impressive, and your boldness (in the middle of being nervous) is what catapults you forward. There is no stopping you!

btw, welcome back! Bet it's not quite as warm at home as in the islands. lol


P.S. Success Academy is awesome! But it still takes determination. Again, good job!!

P.P.S. I look forward to partnering with you on more deals!


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Yeah Jay!!

Way to go!!!! I have loved following your journal and your hard work...and now its paid off!!! I am SO happy for you, and I could feel all your excitement in your post...woohoo!!!! Keep at it my friend - no stopping you now. I know getting these deals in was a super important goal to you and now you've made it! I'm going to raise a toast to you Smiling


You and your family deserve it. That's what I want to do when I get there, take a honey moon we have never taken.

max from oklahoma


Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

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well able. I will see my dreams come to pass."

Joel Austin

Great job!!!

Great job on making your 5th deal! And making it happen when you were on your vacation!! And Rina, you are so great, sounds like this was beneficial for both of ya. Keep up the amazing work!



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Good job!

I'm just happy for you. Congra!




I'm new here and it's soooo great to hear all the successes, enthusiasm and support from everyone!!!! I'm really happy for you and this gives me hope that things will work for me too......keep up the great work and it sounds like you're well on your way to financial freedom!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Robin Smiling

congrats Jay!! you did it. 5

congrats Jay!! you did it. 5 deals in a yr and another 5+ coming this yr Smiling
I am glad to see your hard work paid off.
good luck on the future deals.

Jay Great Job

Congrats Jay!! you are on your way




May each day get better



Can you post the details of the deal? I love hearing how the deal worked out and what took place in it!



Great Job

Awesome job JAY, cant wait to hear how your deals went down.


So Excited for you.

Very happen to hear about your wounder trip and your success. Ant it Great. Cant wait to hear some of the detail. ED


Averyday is a Friday so weak up each morning and get excited.


I Want to thank each and every one of you who responded and gave me support .i only have time to say you guys and gals are the best when it comes to advice,encouragement and helping out anyone who is on this fabulous site.i will be back on tomorrow to respond to each of you and give you some info on my deals.It makes it that much easier to push towards our goals when we know that people like you are behind us every step of the way!!! see u tomorrow


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whooo hoooo

very nice job keep it going and dont look back


warren adcock

You Rock

Way to go Jay,

Maybe you could pass some of that knowledge and luck my way. Keep up the good work.


5th deal

Congratulations on your 5th deal! Your hard work paid off an allowed you to really relax. Great job. Much continued success.


Congratulations on your success and we would all appreciate the details of your deal(s) for those of us trying to get #1.


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