50% Off Pittsburgh Area Home. Already Cash Flowing!!

50% Off Pittsburgh Area Home. Already Cash Flowing!!

4 BED/1 BA Single family in Beaver Falls, PA. About 6 Blocks from Geneva College.

Current tenant is paying $600 rent + ALL utilities, including water and sewer.
Same tenant has been there for YEARS without any intention of leaving any time soon. The place is also ideal for college rentals.

My research points toward the FMV to be about $45-55K
No repairs are necessary. Code enforcement confirmed this -- everything checks out and rental certification is solid until next year.

I am now in Los Angeles, and have my funds tied up here.
As a result, I am looking to sell the property at $27,900, which is about 50-60% FMV. It's a great investment property with instant CASH FLOW and great ROI!

If you're interested, please PM me. I can provide more specific info and photos.
I've attached a photo of the exterior.


Your friend,


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Want to know more

Sounds like a good deal want to know more will pm you

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