Operation Free Equals Goodwill

Operation Free Equals Goodwill

It is our plan that when we actually begin to some positive cashflow.

The plan is to work with both homeless centers and abuse shelters and put a family in a home every year that will cost them practically nothing. Maybe land contract with no interest at $50 to $100 a month for X years depending on property. (only like 1 or 3 just enough for them to give them their respect that they paid for it)

Anything you do in your community promotes Goodwill this offers free marketing and publicity on top of you walkaway feeling good because you helped someone


Good luck on your plan


Good luck on your plan and it sounds great. I hope more people will take action and it will grow into an ability to help the many families in need. The need usually outweighs the homes available, but people such as yourself are an inspiration to us all. Good luck on your plans and keep the dream alive. Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Great idea! Good luck





Any update on your progress thus far. Hope everything is moving forward for you. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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That is a really great idea that is something i will want to get involved in once i get established, would like more info on this so keep me updated on the out come we really need something like that hear sounds like something i wanted to do to help the homeless and families who can't really afford housing.

Thank You
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Totally Awesome

I think this is asolutely terrific and I definately think I will try to do something like this as well. Just like in the "Secret", if you do positive things, positivity will ultimately come back your way. I really believe in this so when I'm in a position to do something like this, I definately will and encourage others to follow suit.

Take care everyone!



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Pre-qualify the residents

In any free or low-cost home deal like that, I would suggest you pre-qualify the residents to make sure they will take care of the place. It's like the "for-profit bathrooms are much nicer than public bathrooms" scenario. If someone gets something for nothing, they do not know the value of it and can tear it up quickly. Then, you have a home you own that you have to repair.

I think this is a good idea from a marketing standpoint, but you probably want to get to know the people moving in first and check up on them every couple of months to see how the house is holding up. You might also write in your agreement that any damages incurred during their stay will have to be paid for by the resident. Again, if they have no money, it may be hard to do even that if damage occurs.




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Operation Free Equals Goodwill

That is a wonderful idea especially with the economy
today, assistance like that should be available
in every state.



Couldn't have said it any better Brenda. I hope to reach that level where i can look back n say "I did that, and it feels damn good"

A little excitement to the helping people out.

Well Hello,
Just ran across this post and it reminded me of some news stories that I have recently seen, although the stories were probably 09 time frame. None the less
the individual involved is a crusader. Some people might find this a little
extreme, although the outcome is what brings us to your post. Well this guy
I think in the Ohio area would find foreclosed houses and families that were
a good fit for the particular home at the time. He would gain possession of the
property that met certain criteria, main being the mortgage company was not
legally on the note due to fraudulently signing deed documents and the like.
Having notaries fraudulently notarize documents when neither party was present.
The criminal acts were done at various businesses and locations around the country in what are referred to as document houses. The homeless family would then get access to their new home. I will try and get a link or name to expand on this very worthwhile post. It is all on 60 minutes and it will blow you mind, to realize that most all of the well known banking establishments were forcing people out of there homes when they had fraudulent
documents which equals no ownership. This means that the unfortunate home looser could have stayed, and most likely owned the house free and clear or
would be in a lot better bargaining position. Now the banks are all being sued
by people that have been foreclosed on , the federal government, and others that have been affected by their criminal acts. I was going to try and make contact with the guy and see if he wanted to expand his operation here. You can
pm me if you have further questions.
Best REgards
Azzending >^<

Need help

Okay i have my materials and im studying them as i go trying to get started
now im faced with a crises I have an gas and electric turn off notice of $284.46 that will take effect on the 22nd if this bill isn't paid i tried to get help but unfortunately couldn't get it so i was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to be a blessing and help someone like me not to sit in the dark because im trying hard to grasp all the information to get started so i wouldn't have to ever be in this situation again this is a distraction right now from what im trying to do to achieve my goals i wold fax the bill if necessary,also what is the quickest and easiet way to make money fast in perhaps days to make a deal in the realestate arena? please someone help and give me the answer to the question?

God's Plan

Wow - I had a great vision of the same type of service to people oppressed. The thing that alot of people don't get that there is good people that are in a down spot. I have been there. Your judged before even getting to know someone. I was homeless at one time living in a hotel that I was fortunate to have a Charity to help me get on my feet. I was unable to work fighting for disability. Another thing people have wrong idea about...it is NOT easy to get regardless of people's opinion. So..getting back to the idea. IT'S GREAT! When your serve other's you get rewarded with a great blessing of helping people. If this is you road or the plan for you.

I feel I have been called to minister to people in this like position. Abused, homeless, or single parent's at the end but need a new beginning. I'm waiting on finding a motel to turn into an efficiency apartment for these people. A transition home to the next level. Obviously, they have to want to do this. But need someone to believe in them.

God has a plan and will show you and me the next step in that plan until we reach this goal to help other's. A non-profit could be a way to go. I'm excited for you and keep us updated.