Chapter 11 - Sell that House in Seven Days (Confidence is key for any deal)

Chapter 11 - Sell that House in Seven Days (Confidence is key for any deal)

Chapter 11 is a great step by step guide for selling that home in less than 7 days. This chapter should inspire you with even more ideas about how to sell a home quickly and make profits in other ways.

I really enjoyed the "Matt's best no money down deal ever". This is very exciting to read stories such as these and gives information to all of us to find similar deals. This story taught me that banks can do what banks want to do and may have some flexibility in what they offer and can offer.

I really like what Matt states on page 246 "It all boils down to confidence. Start small and build your confidence. I started buying small houses and worked my way up over time." This advice will benefit you through-out the rest of your life.

This "confidence" word is so key in investing. A real estate agent, a seller, and others want to deal with confident people. The more confident you are the more credibility that is given to you. When you display a confident attitude, other give you credibility as "the real deal". So make sure, no matter the situation, you have a confident, slight assertive attitude, and watch how others start to react to this. Smiling

Be sure to review the Action steps on page 247-248. Good luck with REI and be confident! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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