I Need Reassurance

I Need Reassurance

Alright, so I've seen Dean Graziosi on TV for a few months now. Natural instinct was to think "oh this is just another gimmick, he'll want you to sign up for something", and while I know there are certain programs you can sign up for, I've come to realize that this isn't anything other than a good opportunity.

I'd love to get involved somehow, but the problem is, I'm 19, starting college in two weeks (locally, so I'm staying home to save money), just got a new part-time job which isn't giving me a whole lot of hours (but love working there), and I want to know how on Earth I'll be able to do this.

Obviously, I can't do anything other than rent out a really beat-up place, but can I even do THAT?
I've got literally no credit score yet, and no money. This part-time job doesn't reel in more than $30 a week because of the hours I'm getting, so how can I afford to purchase a place to rent?

Better yet, who on Earth would give me any kind of money to get started? I really don't think my bank will give me anything; I mean I've got a checkings account open and everything which I manage myself, but I think if I go to them saying "I want _____ so I can buy a building", they'll just deny it.

Now, I'm a very driven person when I get my heart set on something. But what I'm afraid of, is that I'll find someone to loan me money, and then I won't be able to repay that loan because the building I purchase either won't sell or have renters.

I can't risk having a huge loan to pay off, and I can't risk paying monthly fees to upkeep the building.

I really want to get started in this business, but where will I find a place for less than $1,000? - Hell, where can I find a place for less than $10,000?
And who will give me the money to get started? Because I definitely can't come up with it myself, and I fear that I won't have any means of paying back that loan even if I get it.



congratulations on starting college and on coming to this website. this website is a great place to start. always feel free to ask your questions here. pm = private message so if you want to ask someone something directly. i recommend you start by birddogging or assigning deals. so study those two areas. it's spendable cash and no credit or bank loan needed. study what paperwork you will need to do each.

1. build a buyers list -

2. find property to assign

3. lock up on contract

4. assign $$$



go to www.deansmedia.com and watch videos of success stories. also go to deans www.totalviewrealestate.com and guess what there are many people on here your age man. heck thebossspringsteens even 18 i'm pretty sure and he just became a landlord. so search for ages in the search box and hit enter and look at the people doing it at your age. gee grace chryslers not even old enough to legally enter into a contract yet and she's on here right along with us.

you can do it. period. you may doubt yourself at times but you can. any reason you can come up with has already been overcome so just do it ask ???????'s and you'll be on your way.



Thanks for the encouragement and resources Walt.

I'm definitely starting to believe that this system will work, but I do have a few more questions.

1) What exactly is "birddogging"?
2) How can I assign deals if I don't have anything to work with?
3) Would these books cover those details, including paperwork, etc, for people in my position?

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