Beginner & skeptical but curious>

Beginner & skeptical but curious>

Where shall I begin to wipe away my skeptism?



You can start by reading all the great posts on this site by successful investors, myself and partner included. If you are looking for scams or scam artists, they do not exist on this site. This site is very well run by qualified members of this community. If you are here to learn, then please go ahead and continue to read postings and ask questions. Every person on this site is here on their own time for free. We are not employed by Dean or anyone else, we are just here to help each other.
By the looks of your user name it appears that you may not need any help in the real estate investment world. But if you are here to learn and to help others....I welcome you to the DG family...Jan

Excellent question

It's a matter of education. You read Dean's books ( all 3 ) , read the forums discussed here on the site -- then APPLY the knowledge and take action..

To elaborate -- look for properties that make sense for you to buy . ( the numbers work in which you will have positive cash flow or can make a realistic profit ) .

Secondly know your exit strategy ( have more than one planned out to be safe ) . This involves building a buyers list and knowing what kind of homes they want to buy as well as lining up financing.

Lastly , let one of your end buyers replace you at closing for a profit ( assignment ) or do the double close : where you cleanly buy the home from the seller and then resell immediately to an end buyer to pick up your profit check.

If you plan to buy then hold the property for a while , then that is a different matter. Read Dean's first book Be A RE Millionaire , and study real estate cycles , as well as local & national factors. This will help you pick homes that are good to hold and when you should make those purchases as well when to sell to maximize profits.

Please understand , I am being sketchy of the process , but again education is the key here. Learn everything you can about real estate. The more you know the more confidence and less doubt and skepticism you will have. If you know what to say and do -- you will be confident.

Ok , I've run my mouth enough here ( lol ! ) .

I wish you the best of luck and welcome you to the DG family and the exciting world of real estate investing.

Randy S.
Elkton, MD

Thank You Jan, for the

Thank You Jan, for the insight on this forum but I can only wish I can have any type of positive input to contribute. I am a super nube when it comes to real estate I just want to be well off to provide for my family and have something to leave my kids when my time is up.

Thank you Xbolikl4577 I will

Thank you Xbolikl4577 I will do so and thanks for the tips. I'll do my best.


The only way to contribute is to jump in and get your feet wet. We all started as newbies, hell even Dean was a newbie when he started his business. My only advice is to read and read and read. If you have questions, make a post and people will jump in to help you as best as they can. You have to start somewhere, so why not here. Feel free to send me a pm with questions and I will help you the best I can. Continue to log on to this site and read other posts by other members. Much success to you...Jan

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