Power Team Question Series # 6: FSBOs - For Sale By Owner

Power Team Question Series # 6: FSBOs - For Sale By Owner

As you build your Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. In the case of a FSBO, you have to be a good interviewer. The better interviewer you are, the more information you will find out.

You almost want to be as good as Barbara Walters. She gets all the information while smiling but the person getting interviewed, needs a sweat towel by the time she is done with them! Therefore, you want to be your own Power Team Member when it comes to interviewing that FSBO!

There is not an exact script to interviewing a FSBO, but here are several questions you can consider asking a home owner that is selling a property - For Sale By Owner:

1. Why is the current owner selling?

2. Is the current owner motivated?

3. Is the current owner flexible on the price or terms for a sale?

4. How long has the property been on the market?

5. If I could offer all cash and close quickly and purchase the property in as-is condition what we be the lowest price you would be willing to accept for your property?

6. What improvements have they made into the home?

7. What is the age of major items such as the furnace, central air conditioning unit - HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Roof, etc.

8. Are there any repairs that need to be completed, if so what?

9. What is the best thing they like about their home?

10. What is the least favorite thing about their home?

11. Can I get an email and secondary number (either cell phone number or office phone) to contact you with further questions?

People want to do business with people they like so make sure you establsih rapport with a FSBO! Remember you can point out things about their home, however never criticize it in any way. To you it may be only a house but to the FSBO it is a home.

Remember every day you need to say and repeat...THIS IS MY BUSINESS! Keep working on ways to make your business better each and every day.
Carpe Diem! Smiling - Stacey

Each day do one thing to get you closer to your dreams because if you do today what others are not willing to do, then tomorrow you can do those things that others are only dreaming about doing!
Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

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