Power Team Question Series # 7: Contractors

Power Team Question Series # 7: Contractors

As you build your Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. There is not an exact script to interview your Contractors, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Contractors:

1. What type of work/repairs do you normally do?

2. What type of work is your specialty?

3. What days of the week and hours are you normally available?

4. Can you provide an itemized quote for each job?

5. Do you have an hourly rate for smaller jobs?

6. Do you leave any excess materials purchased relating to my jobs or will you retain them for future jobs that I provide to you?

7. Do you require a deposit and could I pay that the day you start?

8. After we establish a business relationship, can you bill me at the end of each job for all work completed?

9. If the job requires a special license are you in compliance good standing with the local town or city?

10. Are you licensed and bonded?

11. If the job requires a permit, do you obtain all permits and is the cost for the permit included in your quote?

12. If a project has a deadline will you meet that deadline or agree to reduction of fee is the completion date of the project is late?

13. What type of warranty of your work do you offer?

14. Do you clean-up after each job and dispose of all waste?

15. In the event there is excessive waste do you haul that excessive waste away from the property?

16. Can you provide me with a list of references? - Remember: Trust but Verify! Also a great way to find other investors in the area

17. Can I get an email and secondary number either cell phone number or office phone to contact you with further questions?

Remember every day you need to say and repeat...THIS IS MY BUSINESS! Keep working on ways to make your business better each and every day.
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