Rehab Day 1 - The Dumpster Arrives

Rehab Day 1 - The Dumpster Arrives

Deal #1 for 2016

Closed on this home on January 12th and the seller moved out on January 22nd with our dumpster arriving 2 hours after he was gone. This 4/2.5/2 home is getting a complete overhaul. Everything from the 1980s is being replaced with a 2016 look. Mostly cosmetic but a few walls eliminated and the master bathroom enlarged.

Snow slowed us down a little this weekend but the 30 yd. dumpster is now 1/3 full. Moving it along as everything will be removed by the 31st as that is the dumpster pickup day scheduled.

I'll try to make updated on this large project but for now I have to return to do MORE work in the kitchen. What the hell were the builders thinking of??


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Nice home!!!!! That will be a good one, much success, Jim



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