Saving Money with the Right Windows

Saving Money with the Right Windows

A couple of weeks ago on my Tuesday evening Phone Seminar; a client asked a question about energy efficient windows. I thought others might be interested in an article I wrote a while back for a website on this subject. -Robert

The "climate" inside a home is often over-looked by home buyers who are usually focusing on other concerns. Unfortunately, families don't discover if their home is too hot in the summer or cold and drafty in the winter until after they've moved in.

Let's take a look at some important considerations involving your comfort while conserving your money when buying a home or reducing utility costs on a rental property for you or your tenants.

Windows found in older homes are usually of single pane rather than double pane construction. Coupled with inadequate or deteriorating weather-stripping (around doors) can result in excessive heat loss in the winter and cooled air during the summer.

However, don't assume that the windows offered with a new home are adequate.

When selecting windows you should know about "U-factor". U-factor was invented by engineers and scientists as a measure of "heat transfer". A window with a [low] U-factor rating means that less heat will be lost through the glass. U-factor ratings generally fall between 0.20 and 1.20. A window that has a U-factor of 0.40 or less is considered energy efficient.

Besides choosing a window with an acceptable "U-factor" homebuyers should also select windows manufactured with "Low-E-Glass. Low E Glass has an ultra thin metallic coating of silver "sandwiched" between two layers of glass. This coating reflects heat back to it's source.

This is important to know because sunlight contains visible light, UV (ultraviolet) light and IR (infrared) light. Visible light allows us to see things, but ultraviolet light damages skin, wood, and fabrics; while infrared light is basically "heat".

In other words; Low-E-Glass has the ability to allow visible light to pass through the glass while blocking some UV and IR rays.

Windows come from the manufacturer with an energy-performance label to guide contractors and homeowners in their search for the perfect window. Since climates throughout the United States vary, checking the label before ordering the window can make a big difference in how much the window can help keep energy costs to a minimum.


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Thanks for the insightful information. As with any upgrade or repair it is important to run the numbers adn determine a payback for the investment. As Atlcamel stated apply the cost benefit rule. Sometimes I found by hanging window blinds in a window it can make an old rental window look new or much more eye appealing. Thus, consider your strategy when making the investment. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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