Where the best places to go to get the bang for my buck when it comes to supplies.



Well there are many discount places and you can get contractor prices at Lowe's and Home Depot, but when you are getting bigger you can also use "Uline", its a mail order company.

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Another place for supplies (depending on what you are looking for) would be a restore like Habitat for Humanity Restore. They also have other ones but I don't know what they are called. I would think you could find them through an online search though. Hope this helps.




Craigslist and simular sites can also be a good source.




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Supply Chains - better off at the Home Depot for practicality


I hear what your saying; taken to the cleaners, by the Chains Stores. However, at the end of the day your going to get the best deal at the Home Depot, they have everything you need for a home, inside & out.

So, with the time costs; over hunting for cheaper bargains, what you end up with by saving a few bucks isn't much in value, when comparing costs.

Now if your looking for better quality, "specialty supply firms" in your area for masonry finishes for example,---Yellow pages, - "Building Materials"-(heading, sub-headings such as), block, brick, tile, marble shops. Fabrication & installation, information, for topic.

If you are into super quality products, concrete & masonry, "Waterproofing Systems" included in the property plan at Financing. You want to know were the best- "Specialty Supply Firms" for concrete, masonry, caulking & painting systems are for sure. Here's the deal; labor being 75% of all costs, the time its takes to acquire cheaper products than Home Depot isn't worth it because installing a product that is not going to hold up as well - time having to do the same job 5 yrs. from now, instead of 10.

In almost any case; A or B, labor for cheaper. Its not a good idea to budget below Home Depot grade material costs shouldn't exceed 25% of the budget. Reputation, you want some uniformity in your work or statement.

What your telling the public? you fix up houses with a bunch of used junk. Or you simply explain to the consumer that the products used to do the work are Home Depot grade.

To me Home Depot is a grade C/rental/practical/minimum/lesser life of product. I never use Home Depot Paints. On condo's & new homes people use all kinds of product from the depot. In this case you want to finish the project and sell it as a class B grade material. So, you can use the Depot and sell at grade B. I buy all kinds of products at the Depot, wood, tile, plumbing, electrical, cements, tools for the kits, plaster, mortar trays & trowels, and-on. The location of a property to a supply chain should weigh in, thats a big factor with me. Getting all the stock in one trip is cost effective. Don't go tooooo cheap.

Thats my experience. I've never had a product that fell apart. Their a good commumnity source, at the end of the day.

Hope it helps

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I've checked at Lowe's and Home Depot they have very good quality supplies but what they don't offer that Menard's does is an REI discount. Along with the service and selection a lot of investor's in my area use Menard's.