In House Microwave Termite Treatment Saves $$

In House Microwave Termite Treatment Saves $$

Have you ever heard of a microwave treatment
process used to kill termites?

Well if you haven’t heard, It has existed since
1994 and if you have heard something about it,
then you may be interested in hearing about
some of it’s finer qualities.

(1) How Do Microwaves Kill Termites?

Quite simply by cooking them within their living
habitat similar to the way one heats up a cup of
coffee in a microwave oven.

(2) At what heat temperature do termites die?

Microwaves when applied to termites that are
living within generated microwave penetration
range are heated quickly to a scientifically
proven lethal heat dosage rate of 128 degrees
Fahrenheit or 53.5 Celsius.

(3) How long must they be exposed to lethal heat range?

Drywood termites surrender to rapid thermal
death when exposed to their established lethal
heat temperatures for as little as a 5 minute
duration period.

In Conclusion:
Microwave treatment of termites is becoming
more popular because of the benefits attained
from no poison gas or toxic chemical usage.
Public demand for alternatives to old School
high risk poison applications continues to
grow and become a major treatment concern.


Stay Safe and Be Well

Termites Killed Without Use of Tenting and Poison Gas

1. Poison gas not the only termite treat option.

There is no longer any excuse for persons
seeking termite treatment to pay for and
except only gas poison tenting of a
residence just to kill a few termites. There
is also no excuse or reason to put any
human at risk of pesticide poisoning
or even death just to kill a few termites.
Microwave termite treatment is the clean
alternative to whole structure fumigation.

2. Poison termite gas deaths occur.

You’ll be surprised to know that numerous
human and animal deaths occur annually
from direct as well as indirect exposure to
all types of poison gas used in termite
treatment. Additionally, there are no known
antidotes for these extremely hazardous
poisons. They are so lethal that persons
contracting to have poison gas with tent
treatment performed, must first review and
sign a detailed written legal disclaimer that
discloses high risk health dangers of its use.

3. The solution is microwave termite treatment.

Those who seek termite treatment no longer
need to run the risk of poisoning, death or
health injuries associated with poison gas

Microwave termite treatment is a safer way
to kill termites without tenting a structure
and filling it with poison lethal gas.


Stay Safe and Be Well

How do they do it?

Hey Karl, that is really interesting. Do you know how they do it, that is how they apply the microwaves?

Also is this process readily available in the US?

Lastly, any idea how expensive?



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