What to look for when flipping

What to look for when flipping

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When looking for potential houses to flip, it is important to take a look at why they are being sold in the first place. If one was to purchase a house that needed almost no work done, there would be no room for improvement. That house would not make a good profit. House flipping experts like to find a property that will take some amount of time and effort to renovate. At that point, the house will attract more potential buyers and sell for a nice sum.

The house to look out for is purchased far below its true value because it is unattractive and in need of some renovation. By making a lot of small repairs and improvements, it will ideally be ready to go back on the market in a month's time. Only this time, it will look better on the inside and out and be snatched up quickly. If all goes as planned, the house flipper will have sold it before the first mortgage payment is even due. After paying off the bank and subtracting renovation costs, the flipper can enjoy the pile of money left over.

When you ask those who renovate for a living, they will tell you that house flippers do little more than superficial work to the homes they buy. The risk is that the home the flipper purchases will need more work than the initial inspection foretold. In that case, the time and expense involves escalates quickly. This lowers the profit of the venture significantly.

If a home has been foreclosed upon, it is a prime target for house flipping since it is frequently cheaper than a property being sold by an individual. Frequently, the price will be as much as forty percent below the local market value, in which case there is money to be made from even the smallest renovations.

Ideally, the money made from the first few houses funds the renovations of future flips. If the company is established, they can improve their turnaround time, saving money paid out in loans and interest. In time, this is excellent for the bottom line of flipping houses.


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Thank you for your post. Its good to hear that.


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