$65000 Condos

$65000 Condos

Recently I sent out about a dozen or so emails to homeowners explaining to them what it is that I'm doing and that I'm new to REI. I've asked each if they'd allow me to lock their homes into a short contract wherein I'd get them a buyer within a short amount of time and just get paid for the equity that I bring to them and there was no risk to them(homeowners)but a win win for all involved. Well so far I've gotten back a response from one(1) homeowner and I'd like to copy and paste it here to get your opinions about it. Looks like a dimly lit light at the end of a tunnel to me. Please let me know what you think and what step(s) I should take next. This is the email that I sent out, along with the response that I've gotten back....


I assure you, you aren't wasting my time. I understand the transaction you are proposing but I am only interested in entering into a contract with someone that will actually purchase the properties. I'm taking a few weeks to attempt to sell these units on my own but after that will list with a realtor I've worked with for years. Both of my units currently have tenants and will be sold with them intact. Once a new owner has the units they can do anything they want within the lease agreement with each tenant. So if you want to find someone to buy the units from you at a price and offer me something else, I will entertain the offer. But I won't commit to a contract that limits my options at this point.

let me know if you're interested

thanks for your time



Bryant Slade

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