I live in Hawaii and been looking for Investors in the area who I can get feedback, ideas, relate with, and just be able to surround each other by to get the feel of teamwork wether its doing deals together or just sharing stories with each other. Its scary to know that I'm going on it on my own and it don't help that the Real Estate Agents out here tend to give you the whole "That's crazy, that won't work" response. Right now, at this moment I been looking for a house to live in before I get done with my tour in Iraq so I can have a place to live in that I can consider an investment for the future, instead of doing what everyone else does and just rent a place for a year and lose all that money that goes nowhere, the minute we return back to the island. It's not my goal to lose money through renting but to recieve gains from buying my own and renting out. That's the way I think of it. But I haven't had any success for even finding a place for myself.

I have a 4month deadline to find a place, which do you think its best to fnd a deal and be able to lock up the property and be able to move in to on the 4th month? Should I go for a Short-Sale, Foreclosure, Normal Sale Property, etc. Which do you think is best? My intensions is to have a property to live in on my 4th month when I get done with my tour in Iraq and return back to the island right at the same time frame.


Aloha Manny,

Congratulations on reading Dean's book and taking action with real estate and also serving our country. I am sure all of the DG Members have a sense of pride for the job you are doing to protect our country.

The market in Hawaii has also felt the economic crunch. Especially in Oahu, this is probably the best place to find an REO, short sale, etc. The great thing there are more than 1 million people on Oahu and a lot of opportunity. You may be able to find a place that even is completely furnished. I would start with a good real estate agent and see if they can find you a short sale or REO. I have heard even many people with second homes are selling so you may be able to find a great deal. I also heard if you are afull time Hawaii resident the proeprty taxes are deeply discounted due to exemptions that you should file. Check into all incentive areas such as the $8k tax credit and possible VA funding. I am sure you will find a great deal. Good luck with REI! Believe and Achieve! Mahalo Smiling - Joe


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Aloha Munoz

JM, It looks like you should be done with your tour soon, of which I am grateful to you and our troops stationed in Iraq. I am just getting started with DG and real estate investing on O‘ahu. So I am interested in connecting with you and other REIs in Hawai‘i too. If you still want to explore the teamwork aspect, let me know. It's October Success Fest! Aloha, Randz

Aloha Munoz

I am a new memeber of DG rei program I would like to get together to talk more about rei and being part of your team in investing. I do know some realestae agents who are freinds of mines that we can trust to help us.Please let me know if I can be of any help.



Hawaii Realtor interested in networking

I am awaiting Dean's books. I am a real estate broker in Oahu and have a small real estate firm that I specialize in residential sales and property management. I'm working on expanding my business, but would also like to expand my own portfolio and thought it wouldn't hurt to purchase Dean's books. The more education you can get your hands on the better, and just because I'm an experienced realtor doesn't' mean I know everything I'm certainly always open to thinking outside the box.

I'm interested in networking with like minded folks like yourselves. My company website is www.hitiderealty.com

Hawaii home

Hi Munoz,
Have you considered doing a "Sandwich Lease/option" while you are on tour? By doing this you could have a positive cash flow while ong tour and upon your return, you can exercise your option to purchase the property.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Aloha Randys,

Noticed you had replied back to my posting, my apologies on not replying back so soon, busy with school. But I would truely like if we can sit down and meet up sometime, just to know a bit about each other and just see where things go from there. Hope to hear back from you..here's my email if anything, jmunoz1990@ yahoocom..


Hey Localgirl

Sorry for not replying back sooner, i haven't been on here much since i been busy with school, but i would love to meet up sometime and get to know where we come from and see how we can help each other in the long run to success. Hope to hear from you, my email is jmunoz1990@yahoocom, its the best place ot reach me..ttyl

Ey tflood

No I have not, to afraid to go on it on my own and without much experience, but i went along and joined the academy and should expect a call tomorrow @ 10am from my coach Ryan, for my 1st homework you might say Smiling can't wait! It feels good to have someone to help you whenever needed like a guardian angel...


Thanks IndianaJoe,

I am definitely looking into REOs, short sales, and foreclosure to profit from as far as equity is concerned. Thanks for some of those incentives, not too long ago I seen 2 out of 3 properties with an 80k excemption actually. I'm trying to take advantage of the 8k tax credit but just concerned more on "is the numbers working for me" just because i dont know how to evaluate or what to look for to know if that property is a gold mine??? Sad but I applied for the VA loan and got approved for $357,500 which surprised me but i just feel it isn't enough for the median price out here being 500Ks..

Hawaii Realtor interested in networking....

Carlinj004, you sound very wise; ANYONE that buys And applies what Dean (and the other students that share their experiences in his books) teaches will surely meet with $UCCE$$! I would love to meet 3 or 4 people such as yourself to work with up here to the far right. All the best to you!

"The whole point is that action and mistakes always outweigh analysis and paralysis." ~ D.G. YOUR TOWN Your Real Estate PROFITS! (page 67)




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Hey Carlinj004

My apologies, i thought i had replied to your posting, but didnt. I did however, leave my contact info on your website. Hopefully we can meet up sometime and see how we can help each other expand. As far as the books go, ordering them was the best thing I've ever EVER done as far as real estate goes. I've pretty much bought every product on this website and not too long ago joined the academy, believe me it is well worth it. I was so frustrated that my "your town your RE profits" didnt come in til today! Finally! 3wks of wait, geez! lol..but I'm actually reading it and just cant seem to put it down, I want to finish reading every page. If you would like to reach me my email is jmunoz1990@yahoocom. I come in here to see postings as well. Hope to talk to you soon Smiling...


Hawaii VA Loans

Hello, I found your forum and book searching for Hawaii VA loan refinance help. I'm really hoping someone here knows about Hawaii VA loan refinancing? I'm pretty sure some things in hawaii are different when it comes to refinancing VA loans. I used to have my wife handle all of the financials, but we're separated right now. If anyone has gone thru this VA loan refinance stuff, I would love to talk to you.This is my first time trying to refinance my VA loan, and there is a lot of information. This is the company I am thinking about using, because they were recommended to me. http://valoansfinance.com/states/hawaii-va-loans/

Lease options

seems the best way to find a home to purchase when you look for homes FSBO! Best wishes. I would definetely ask the coach about the process. It is just as easy as doing Short sales or REO's.


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