Where to start for a New member...really new

Where to start for a New member...really new

Hello every one,
I am James from Goodyear AZ. and just order the think a little different course, both books and audios, the Aff and fal sites.

heh my question is were should some one who is really new to this begin....lol think my brain is going to overload on all this great information.

Well thank you for any and all help.

James from az



Welcome to the DG website and congratulations on buying Dean's books and courses. As you can see they are packed with great tips, techniques, and information. The best place to start is create an action plan and start working your plan. As you do you will develope, network and build your real estate team of real estate agents, bankers, contractors, etc. Also, look into a local REI club and you will meet other local people to network with and maybe even partner with on deals. Good luck with your REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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You should

You should def read and listen to everything you just bought. Read and explore as much as you possibly can on this site. Ask questions!! And the best way to get your feet wet and make a little money is find local investors that pay bird dogging fees. You just go out and find properties that meet there criteria and they pay you a fee for it.

I just found an investor that pays you $10 for each vacant property you send him. Doesn't sound like a lot of money but all you have to do is find a vacant property take 6 pics of it write the address down and email it to him and he gives you $10. I worked for 4.5hrs last week and made $200! So not to bad!!

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