Traning From PMI

Traning From PMI

Hi Everyone,
I'm new and still reading Dean's books, I found more and more interesting as read on...
I'm stock market and option trader for so many years and decided to move on real estate as I have dream to become an real estate investor some day.
One of the question I need someone's help is: some body from PMI call me and offer setup training with me which I was going to do eventually; my question is PMI same as Dean's Real Estate Success Academy?



Dean's Real Estate Success Academy

What a great opportunity Dean has put togeather a whole team of experts that you can call and get your answers and they will walk you through your deals. The class are great. And you are not alone they are there for you every step of the way.

Success Academy


scarlson is correct on this. They are the same program. I enrolled about 2 weeks ago and it is a terrific program! They have really helped me to understand what the steps are and what order to take them in. I would recommend it to everyone!

I wish you great success in your new career,



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Thank you all

Thanks Carlson and Jen.
I think i know what to do, because I have not answer their call yet.

Quick question,

How much is it to sign up w/ the academy? I would like to join, but don't think that I am financially able to. At this point in time anyway.

Thanks and good luck! Smiling


what an awesome opportunity !
Good luck !


Hi Every one

I just signed up PMI today,I'm exited to accept the new challenge for years to come.
Please, any helps,supports from all are needed and hopefuly someday we form a meeting to see each others.



Congratulations on joining PMI. I signed up about 4 weeks ago-haven't done any deals but working on it. Good luck with the courses and investing.



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