Canadian Real Estate Investing

Canadian Real Estate Investing

I have watched the infomercials and purchased buying property foreclosure and sit on the sidelines watching and hearing your students making money. Can this program work for Canadian real estate (I am a resident of Ontario)? I do have a property in Florida and would like to invest in addtional properties however the dilemma that I run into today is obtaining financing because being Canadian. The property in US is free and clear and still can not obtain financing.

Every time I hear your infomercials or receive your e-mails the adrenaline gets going and I want to move forward but am stuck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Yes, the principles are the same even when investing in Canadian property, though it is possible there are regulations or restrictions in Canada that do not exist in the US. That part you will need to check into, but you never know until you try.

As for getting financing for properties in the US... take a peak at Dean's "Find Funding" report (do a search in the search box for it). You can always look into doing wholesaling (be it straight assignment or double close) if you can't obtain financing to own it yourself.

Get the book, read it, then absorb the info in the forums which will answer 99% of the questions you might be left with.

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