Dean don't sweat what the competition does ! ...........

Dean don't sweat what the competition does ! ...........

Dear Dean,

I got your Books in early May 09 and as most carry them everywhere ... spare minute I'm in the latest one and I'm still gleaning Ideas .... To answer the question about " Would you like to get the Information from the Phoenix Meeting ? " Any and all info that You can put together is DEEPLY APPRECIATED ! ! ! ! Who knows what One Item from those days might spur someone on ??? Or help them thru a situation ??

And as My Subject line says " Don't Sweat The Competition " You are the One Person who has a good enough/an accurate accessment of where this is going and what will make it work to it's full effectiveness YA Know WHY ???

Cause You're Doing It !!!!!

I just wish that I had Twenty Years experience behind Me .... But then I guess I could say I do with all the Material I have at my disposal .......

Ray Sheibley
Fortune Real Estate
Jamestown NC
[edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]


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