EDGE COURSE!!! Talk about it here when you get it and let others know what you think!

EDGE COURSE!!! Talk about it here when you get it and let others know what you think!

I have just order the EDGE Home Study course and I am way too excited to sleep. I really hope this is as great as it was stated to be and gets my business off to a rocket start. I want to go on a 2 week cruise for Christmas using real estate profits and pay off the course lol. Use this forum when you get your course to let others who are awaiting it's arrival know what to expect. I really REALLY what real estate to make me wealthy and would love to shake Dean's hand in person someday and hopefully tell him "Thank you". Also, I would love to hear from anyone willing to share their investment stratigies with me to help me off to a quick start with little or no money down. I have a flip in the process right now and should be completed by the 31st and listed. I am really praying that it sells fast so I can do a cash deal on the next one to avoid time delays. Well anyway, don't be a stranger and looking forward to all the new contacts I make from this site/forum. Good luck and god bless!


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Got the course!

I took notes on my computer as the seminar played on. As I felt the seminar winding down, I got out my credit card in anticipation (hoping it wasn't going to be thousands of dollars). Then I jumped on another browser tab and was typing the URL in as fast as Dean was saying it. I scanned the site as fast as I could (knowing the price was at the bottom somewhere). When I got to the bottom and saw the price I couldn't believe it and just had to scroll back up to see what I missed.....nothing, the price was the price. Then I ordered it.

Within a minute I received an email with confirmation and further instructions. I just love the way Dean's got this laid out. I've already accessed parts of the program he talked about tonight. It's going to be awesome!! As much as I'd like to stay up all night, my wife would like some of my time, so I'll sign for now, but probably dreaming all night of the new tool box I have at my disposal thanks to Dean and his Team. THANKS AGAIN DEAN!



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Talk about a Leap of Faith!!

I ordered the books from Dean's television show a couple of weeks ago, told my husband about your program and now he is reading the books. I listened to last month's conference call and signed up for the call tonight. I listened and watched a few deal of the month videos and realized that you, Dean, are the real deal. I bought The Edge course as Dean was providing us with the url and we haven't even started yet with our first deal. I/we really believe and know this is absolutely the right thing for us at this time in our lives.

I believe in you Dean and can't wait to get started!! Thank you for being sincere, caring and so willing to share your success strategies with all of us.

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to say Hi to everyone who decided to take the next step and sign up for THE EDGE as I have just done. I am a new and young member of the REI community and I am looking forward to developing a strong network with everyone who is as excited as I am.

Good luck to everyone!


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Got It

The build to tonight up was not a let down. Dean said we would be blown away and he was right. I could hardly wait to get the web address and order the EDGE home study course, I got it! I am very excited and have also looked at parts of the bonuses I recieved. Looking forward to the next EDGE live event (I'll be there) and doing my first deal. Thanks Dean

Life Giving You a Second Chance

I was sad to miss the live event but talk about life giving you a second chance its Dean's Edge event in a box with all the bonus!!! He even offers a great refund if its like a "life time warranty". I'm so excited to get to work with Dean directly and pick his brain! How cool. I was anxiously wating for the url and was so nerveus i got clupmsy and had to retry 3 times but finaly got in. I can't believe how affordable Dean made this program about $500. I already log on and created my website just working on the autoresponder but need to post and share all this excitement before I my head explodes.



Stop thinking just DO IT!

I am so excited

Dean and staff;
I ordered the edge kit I was signed up to come to the event but my houses didn't close in time and I missed it. Megan was so kind to me, I cried for two days I knew it was the answer to my prayers but now you have given my prayers another avenue. There is so much I want to learn besides what I have done already my future is definately here that brass ring is elbow deep now.
My video is going to be done this year Dean. So be watching for it.
This is truly the best day ever I can't wait to hit the pavement in the morning.
You are my hero!!!!!!

PS Your credit restore guys are totally awesome and Mike Rohan the 3rd sweetest guy I know my husband and Dean of course rank 1 and 2.

I just got done messing

I just got done messing around with the bonuses that where included and instantly delivered when I ordered. I was also typing the url into my browser as Dean was saying it. I wonder how many people where doing the same thing.

I can't wait to get everything in the mail and dig into it. I have cleared my schedule for this weekend so I can dive into everything and get rocking on Monday morning. I am already looking around for contacts to start my buyers list so I can get a deal done ASAP.

I also have a phone call with the success Academy tomorrow. This might turn out to be one of the best weeks of my life!!!

Looking forward to sharing my success as well as celebrating everyone elses success.

Time to try to get some sleep. We will see how that goes.



Trust me, I couldn't begin to guess how many thousands of man hours the team, associates and people brought in just to help on this one thing put into everything, from the video production, printing, design, to all the writing/research/reports, the new software programmed that we launched and gave away, the tools... this is a serious product with more value than anything I have ever seen.

There is no one else who does anything like this. There are plenty of people who try trick people into thinking they need "a box of rocks" (as Dean says), there is no one in the space creating superior products like these, let alone practically giving away them away. If they even could, I guarantee they would want to milk it for tens of thousands of dollars per person for everything we gave away FREE in the blitz, the EDGE bonuses and of course the EDGE package/DVDs.

This is a serious product package, high quality, with a ton of work ... this was priced so as many people could get it as possible, not to charge the most that could be charged. I mean, it would be great for everyone if it was free, I know - but when you are getting serious about your investing business and you have to start shelling out $700 for a copy of Microsoft Office Small Business here, then $800 for a laptop, and this and that... it puts it in perspective just what a small investment it really it is in the big picture.

Once the marketing tool is totally done, that alone will more than cover the cost. It is about at 10% of the final features. We ran out of time to get it further on such a short timeline, but it is getting there. Maybe another two weeks before it has all the most important marketing solutions.

And yes, Dean is giving basically a lifetime guarantee on it that if you apply the techniques - actually go out, apply them, give it 110% and you go nowhere, he will pay you in addition to your refund. That is the key there - if you're not serious yet, and don't know if you will really give it your all then it might not be for you yet. Otherwise, you have nothing to lose because the team and everyone doing the deals on here knows it can be done if you are willing to commit to it. Some people it might come easier for, some people might have to grind it out - but it can be done and is done everyday. Dreaming is great, but dreaming is not doing - so you need to do it to make the dreams come true.

If you aren't sure you need the EDGE program, don't fret - it doesn't mean you can't do what you want to do. You can do it without it, so don't make it an excuse like "ahhh, I didn't get the EDGE so I won't be able to get into REI" - no. The EDGE package is an enhancement for people who want to develop new strategies and ways of thinking and more. Everything you need is in the book and on the forums - but the kick in the butt, shot in the arm, evolving you skills and strategies, time-saving tools, coaching - those are the enhancements to either really jumpstart your goals, save you time, streamline your tasks, give you personal guidance and expand your reach.

I like to explain the enhancements we offer like a similar situation that happens when your kid is getting into a hobby. How many of you remember as kids, and now as parents know when your kid picks up a hobby, they think they need the best XYZ right off the bat, before they even know they will stick with it. The basic/starter XYZ is totally sufficient - so you make sure they are serious before committing to the expenses of the serious equipment. I doubt most of the people in the NBA had the top of line sneakers when they started playing basketball... same thing - you can start out with the best, and it will give you an advantage, but if you aren't serious those advantages won't make you succeed. If you are serious about reaching your goals you will reach them without having all the advantages, and if you do have those advantages they will have never been a waste of money because they served a purpose in your success.

The point of my post is I would hate to see something we are so proud of creating become a point of contention in the DG family, or worse give anyone who is getting started an excuse not give it their all if they didn't take advantage of it. We are all committed to helping you reach your goals whether you have the basic/starter XYZ or the professional high end XYZ.

I can't wait for you all to get the package and watch the DVDs and hear your response. I also can't wait for the TotalView site to be 100% done, including the marketing system, it will be a great asset!

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