Associated Costs/Fees when performing an IEE

Associated Costs/Fees when performing an IEE

Hello everyone,

Would some people mind answering--or telling me where I could post--this question:

I am trying to plan out my first IEE. This will be my first deal and I'm going to do an IEE because I am pretty much completely broke. I am, however, trying to figure out what type of costs are associated with doing this.

I have read Dean's latest book, and I understand the costs of houses and have read different things about commission and attorney contract review fees. But I want to know more.

For instance, would someone be able to tell me, step by step, what their total costs were when performing an IEE--I'm only interested in scenarios where they were able to do the deal with zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Here are some exceptions:

I have a close cousin who is an attorney--not sure if he does many real estate deals (if any), but I know he would be willing to look over some of the less time-consuming items for free.

Secondly, I have two close family friends--one being a real estate agent and the other being a mortgage broker--who would surely guide me a bit without charging any commission.

But what else? Please help

Thank you


PS: if you would feel more comfortable sending me a private message with the details (in case you aren't comfortable displaying your finances) then that would be great.


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