Becoming an Entreprenuer- Awesome vs/and/or College for Business

Becoming an Entreprenuer- Awesome vs/and/or College for Business

Now i know this site is only used for Real Estate and yes I've been reading Dean's books (Still not done yet)but i was wondering if college to study business for curiosity worth the time since it will be 4 years. I mean still plan to get real estate way before that period and i mean this year, but is it worth going to college for business to get a better understanding of how everything works? I mean I love learning new things and was wondering if this is the way to go. So i would like everyone to give me some solid advice about his please, it will make a major difference in my life thank you my friends!!!


Tough Call

I believe that it is never a bad idea to learn practical business if the price is right and you feel you can really use it to achieve some long-term goal.

That said, I was accepted into an MBA program then withdrew before I started to spend the next few months going for my real estate license instead. I want to see what that does for me in the short term. I will probably take a couple of business courses (they allow you 2 before you have to sign on for the long term) and that will let me get a glimpse of what I'd be in for if I committed to the program.

Maybe you can do that. Sign up for a couple and if its not your thing you only lost a small bit of $$. However, if you love them then you can apply those class credits toward the program. Can't really lose that way.

Good luck.


I agree

I would have to agree on going to college. Gaining knowledge is never a bad thing and you are investing in yourself. Just think of all the info you have learned here. Taking things slow might be the way to go, to see if that is were your interest lay. I believe that business and real estate can work hand and hand, one complimenting the other.

When you accomplish one, maybe it will allow you to pursue the other full time.

Keep all your options open and move forward.

Thank you Hillvalley

It really helps to see that you think the same way but i also cant wait to use the techniques i am learning in Deans great books so i can also learn different fun things in life and visit other countries with my spare time. Smiling

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