Buying and Managing Rental Properties

Buying and Managing Rental Properties

1. Stay nearby
Never purchase financing properties out of your local area. Even the most knowledgeable real estate investors have experienced issues when investing outside of their safe places or local areas

2: when you purchase, don’t pay more
If you are paying the current market price, then you are probably paying too much. When you purchase below market, you are free to decide if you want to hold, flip, or wholesale.

3. Set aside rental installment capitals
As you must expect vacancies, preferably you should have three to six months of rental payment reserves. On the off chance that you need to dip into your reserves, renew them!

4. Set aside a slush reserve for repairs.
Since you will dependably have repairs, set aside five to seven percent of your gross month rents into your repair store.

The list is infinite, so do your homework before settling on the choice to purchase your first rental property. smolem


Rental property

Apartment, condo or villa which one is the best rental property investment?


Hi Coach thanks for sharing, many thanks, Jim



as Ali Safavi recommends...

if you want to make money, don't stay in your backyard... especially in mine; there would be no cash flow.
There will always be issues with rental properties, no matter where they are located, close by or far away... that's why you want to have positive cash flow.

You can buy rentals out of your area; but having an A player Property Manager in place is a must!



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Guess it is

just knowing what you are doing that makes all the difference and having a good team and systems in place.

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All good advice! The key is

All good advice!

The key is having A players on your team.


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Property Managers in Fresno CA area

Can anyone recommmend a good property management company in the Fresno CA area?

you can invest in villas

you can invest in villas

How can you "Stay nearby"

How can you "Stay nearby" when the nearby market is impossible to have cashflow. E.g., bay area / vancouver / nyc

Hi Val!!

I could not agree more! Denver has no inventory and lots of competition. Other markets are way better for cash flow. You just have to have a good team on the ground that you can trust. I am sure that Warren Buffet does not strictly invest in Omaha! Matt and Dean don't stay in Phoenix!



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rentals. when people who are not knowledgeable complain i will share these tips....

Hey guys

Rentals are very good here at home, the news, rent is on the rise.

Buy and hold hmmmm yep already on that topic..


Equity partners needed in apartment building in Ohio

Over the past 18 months I have gotten my feet wet in the real estate business and purchased two single family homes in Eastpointe, Michigan. The first one I just sold at a 16% profit. I'm going to use the money toward buying a building in Columbus, Ohio.

One of my partners John Cohen and I actually went to the building on April 13 and spoke to the property managers and we all have the same goals. We toured a 48 unit property and now have the property in contract. With the sellers in a distressed situation we were able to step in and plan to upgrade where the previous owner left off.

I'm looking for other investors to help make this happen. Please reply or call me at the number below to let me know if you are interested in finding out more information about the opportunity.

Best wishes,
(516) 425-9097

Encouraging Information

Thank you for all the input. I learned from others and has given me more courage to take steps. Thank you for website information ie Seller, buyer sites,etc.


Vangie Palmerton

now days apartment is the good one

now days apartment is the good one for earn money in future, its easy to rent or sale , here is the apartment in abu dhabi

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