I Found the BEST Mentor!!!

I Found the BEST Mentor!!!

Hello All,

I'm in the Riverside County area of Southern CA. I have been in a whirlwind of success lately after reading Dean's book. I've been asking questions I never thought to ask and making deals you wouldn't believe. I have met with so many key players of the industry picking up the tools of the trade. Along my travels I came across an amazing Broker that helped me find some killer deals and started me on my way. His name is Jerry Legris. If you ever get a chance and want to find the investments your looking for give him a call and tell him Monique Guerrero sent you. His number is 949-510-2370. I always send him peole that deserve that extra mile.

All My Best
Monique Guerrero


Monique Guerrero


Monique G,
I am happy you are doing good!Great info.


Invest in yourself!

I need a Mentor too...

That is excellent Monique you found an excellent Mentor if there is anyone in the Central NJ area that can Mentor me please PM me.

I just finished reading Deans book Your Town and really can not wait to get started.


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Another Mentor Request

First let me say Congrats to your success Monique. I too am looking for a DG mentor in the El Paso Texas Area. I'm reading the book 'Profit for real estate right now' again just to get a better grasp on the DG principals.

Keep doing what you are doing

It seemed like I was working so hard and not getting anywhere. Then it happened. My first deal. Work at this like your life depends on it. It really does very much. The deal will come and because of your higher education in real estate, you will know it is a deal and you will know what to do with it.

I kid you not guys, start building your buyers list, build your team of brokers, contractors, property managers, lawyer, accountant, title company agent, etc. Keep in contact with these folks and it will happen for you. I am certain.


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