long term cash flow strategy $0.00 out of pocket!!! WITH DETAILED WAYS OF MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

long term cash flow strategy $0.00 out of pocket!!! WITH DETAILED WAYS OF MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

This tought came to me during one of my darkest moments.
talking about plateAus, i have bought the book about 3 months ago i read it cover to cover and reviewed it afew times, my uncle is really good friends to this realtor that he presented to me. i told him my plans he claimed he was in, but once i asked him to find me some properties he gave me the cold sholders,claimed he was too busy. i guess he was thinking i was nutts! but anyway i gave him another chance, i waited a week and found a buyer with GREAT credit, i asked him (my uncle's friend) to pull her credit because he also happens to be a broker, and again he hesitated, i was shoked and ready to give up and one of the reasons for that is becouse i had previously talked to afew other agents and they all turned me down, so i went and spoke to a friend of mine who happens to be a priest, he is a business man also, he owns a car lot, mechanic shop and afew other businesses, so i made him a proposal to partner up with me, buy the way do to this friend of my uncle's turning me down even when it looked as if i had a donne deal it shut me down mentally, so i did nothing for a couple of months!!! last weekend i decided to re-group and just take time and think. How can i make this work!?? sitting here wont bring me any money, so that is when i thought of the priest friend of mine.
once he heard ONE of my plans witch i will explain in a minute. i came up with it and its a no brainer but it will only start to pay in 35months (long term investment,i call it the 40/80 effect!! lol) he loved it, picked up his phone and called his connections (money man) to come to his office, we have a meeting tomorrow at 4:30 pm, the man offered me an office at his place of business 100% FREE, and told me he was all in!! now this is how my strategy goes! over here in SW FL Naples, Bonita, FT Myers area there are lots of houses going for 60 thousand dollars and they are more than willing to let it go for 40 thousand cash everything included. so what i have donne was i went arroung talking to people i know who has BAD credit and are willing to buy a house! (u must be thinking where is he going with this is he nutts!!?? trust me it gets better)i came up with a list of about 50 people in one week(1 hour per day or less)!!! i like to call it "The waiting list"!the question i asked those people was.. .... Would you buy a house right now if i told you i could finance it and all you have to do is come up with 10% of total cost which is 8 tousand dollars and make monthly payment of 1333.33 per month for 60-72 months???? ok if i find an investor whos willing to put the 40k cash for the house (whitch i found) i can turn it arround and sell it for 80 thousand dollars and finance the house for a short term of 6 years to the people on the waiting list!! this is how it works: investor gives me 40k to invest on the house i will than have a lien on the deed of the house with the investors name all over it, i will charge the customer 10% of the 80k witch is 8k the customer will pay my company 1333.33 per month, every payment the customer sends me will go to the investor, because i want to lower the ballance of the loan fast, so i will pay the investor part of his money plus 10% interest on the remainder balance. my calculations shows me that if i do this i will have the investor payed off within 35 months and the title will than be free and clear from anything and it will be mine!(untill my customer finishes paying me the rest of the loan) now the remainder payments my customer makes will come directly to me and no one else! and if in 35 months the customer decides not to pay anymore i now have a house 100% FREE! i put no money into it! if you think about it i have just more than double the investment of 40 and made another 49,331 to be exact not counting the 8000 i asked for the down payment. and the thing is you can do it for 7 years, and maximize your profits, people would still do it without hesitation because banks are financing for 30 years and they triple or quadruple their money on the finance part, i dont have to be as greedy and just move on to help out another person. i have not yet made a deal but really folkes do u think that any investor with the right mind frame would turn down a 10% RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENT WITH SECURITY??? i dont think so. with security they can open a cd that pays 3% i am giving tham more than triple the amount!! here is the specifics on how i pay the investor i took the time to do it too maybe this will make you understand it better!!

Month 1
(BALANCE)40,000 * 10% = 4000
4000 / 12 months = 333.33
1000 towards principle
333.33 1st interest payment

Month 2
39,000* 10% =3900
3900 / 12 months = 325.00
1008.33 Towards principle
325.00 2nd interest payment

Month 3
37991.67 * 10% = 3799.17
3799.17 /12 months =316.60
1016.73 Towards principle
316.60 3rd interest payment

Month 4
36974.94 *10% = 3697.49
3697.49 / 12 months = 308.12
1025.21 Towards principle
308.12 4th interest payment

Month 5
35949.73 * 10% = 3594.73
35943.73 / 12 months = 299.56
1033.77 Towards principle
299.56 5th interest payment

Month 6
34915.96 * 10% = 3491.60
3491.60 / 12 months = 290.97
1042.36 Towards principle
299.56 6th interest payment

Month 7
33873.60 * 10% = 3387.36
3387.36 / 12 months = 282.28
1051.05 Towards principle
282.28 7th interest payment

Month 8
32822.55 * 10% =3282.26
3282.36 / 12 months = 273.52
1059.81 Towards principle
273.52 8th interest payment

Month 9
31762.74 * 10% = 3176.27
3176.27 / 12 months = 264.69
1068.64 Towards Principle
264.69 9th interest payment

Month 10
30694.10 * 10% = 3069.41
3069.41 / 12 months= 255.78
1077.55 Towards principle
255.78 10th interest payment

Month 11
29616.55 * 10% = 2961.66
2961.66 / 12 months = 246.81
1086.52 Towards Principle
246.81 11th Interest payment

Month 12
28530.03 * 10% =2853.00
2853.00 / 12 months = 237.75
1095.58 Towards principle
237.75 12th interest payment

Moth 13
27434.45 * 10% = 2743.45
2743.45 / 12 months = 228.62
1104.71 Towards principle
228.62 13th interest payment

Month 14
26329.74 * 10% = 2632.97
2632.97 / 12 months = 219.42
1113.91 Towards principle
219.42 14th interest payment

Month 15
25215.83 * 10% = 2521.58
2521.58 / 12 months = 210.13
1123.20 Towards principle
210.13 15th interest payment

Month 16
24092.63 * 10% = 2409.26
2409.26 / 12 months = 200.77
1132.56 Towards principle
200.77 16th interest payment

Month 17
22960.07 * 10% = 2296.01
2296.01 / 12 months = 191.33
1142.00 Towards principle
191.33 17th interest payment

Month 18
21818.07 *10% = 2181.81
2181.81 / 12 months = 181.82
1151.51 Towards principle
181.82 18th interest payment

Month 19
20666.56 * 10% = 2066.66
2066.66 / 12 months = 172.22
1161.11 Toward principle
172.22 19th interest payment

Month 20
19505.45 * 10% = 1950.55
1950.55 / 12 months = 162.55
1170.78 Toward principle
162.55 20th interest payment

Month 21
18334.67 * 10% = 1833.47
1833.47 / 12 months = 152.79
1180.54 Toward principle
152.79 21st interest payment

Month 22
17154.13 * 10% = 1715.41
1715.41 / 12 months = 142.95
1190.38 Toward principle
142.95 22nd interest payment

Month 23
15963.75 * 10% = 1596.38
1596.38 / 12 month = 133.03
1200.03 Toward principle
133.03 23rd interest payment

Month 24
14763.72 * 10% = 1476.37
1476.37 / 12 months = 123.03
1210.30 Toward principle
123.03 24th interest payment

Month 25
13553.42 * 10% = 1355.34
1355.34 / 12 months = 112.95
1220.38 Towards principle
112.95 25th interest payment

Month 26
12333.04 * 10% = 1233.30
1233.30 / 12 month = 102.76
1230.57 Towards principle
102.76 26th interest payment

Month 27
11102.47 * 10% = 1110.25
1110.25 / 12 months = 92.52
1240.81 Towards principle
92.52 27th interest payment

Month 28
9861.66 * 10% = 986.17
986.17 / 12 months = 82.18
1251.15 Towards principle
82.18 28th interest payment

Month 29
8610.51 * 10% = 861.05
861.05 / 12 months = 71.75
1261.58 Towards principle
71.75 29th interest payment

Month 30
7348.93 * 10% = 734.89
734.89 / 12 months = 61.24
1272.09 Towards principle
61.24 30th interest payment

Month 31
6076.84 * 10% =607.68
607.68 / 12 months = 50.64
1282.69 Towards principle
50.64 31st interest payment

Month 32
4794.15 * 10% = 479.42
479.42 / 12 months = 39.95
1293.38 Towards principle
39.95 32nd interest payment

Month 33
3500.77 * 10% = 350.08
350.08 / 12 months = 29.17
1304.16 Towards principle
29.17 33rd interest payment

Month 34
2196.61 * 10% = 219.66
219.66 / 12 months = 18.31
1315.02 Towards principle
18.31 34th interest payment

Month 35
881.59 * 10% = 88.16
88.16 / 12 months = 7.35
881.59 last payment
7.35 35th and last interest payment

i just did this quick i am sure there is a mistake in the numbers as a matter of fact the 6th month there is a 10 dollar mistake i was doing it in a hurry but if you follow it from the first through the 5th and do it right from the 6th on you will get the right numbers!

i holpe u guys try it out becouse right now you can make deals like this the prices are bottomed out!! in 2-3 years i doubt we will be able to find 40k houses over here in this area!
Dean thank you so much, u are the greatest mentor of all time, i wish i would have won that trip to meet you, (i am glad for the winner) but dont worrie i will meet you one day or another, as soon as i make some money i will enroll myself on the academy. i am selling my truck to pay for the academy i guess i can live with a cheap car for now! by the way anyone out there looking for a chevy dually diesel let me know, i am selling it for a good purpose lol.
thank you, thank you, thank you! and thanks to all of you making deangraziosi.com the place to be, i holpe that my story helps! and i holpe i posted it in the right spot!! lol

ps sorry for the spelling! this is my 3rd language i should be forgiven! hahahahahaha



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An interesting idea

Luiz, I am trying to wrap my mind around your idea here and I have some questions, What are you doing with the 8k deposit? Is that going in your pocket? I lost my train of thought here, I will reread and post more questions.


Cathy B

Follow my progress at:


well you could use that for rehab, instant money in your pocket, you could pay all the interest upfront to the investor, and have instant cash flow. you could hold on to that money for the entire term jst in case the customer decides he will no longer make the payments, that will buy you time to find another buyer. basicaly you can use that money for what ever you think would be important to you, personaly i would keep 5 payments from that money in the bank and not touch it just in case the buyers choose to move on, and the rest i would enjoy it! Smiling i holpe this was helpfull.
ps sorry it took sooooooo long to reply i had forgotten where i posted this but i will keep up with any further questions.


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
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You didn't QUIT!!!

Good job Luiz! You never quit! You said you felt mentally defeated but worked yourself out of it. Dean talks about "plateaus of success" & this is definitely one of them. Also congrats on the creative thinking!



~Thank You God for providing all the necessities, money, & relationships that we need!

Thanks Cris

Quiting is just not an option, i have been doing lots of research, i am not going to quit, i need to make this work, my family depends on it, we're tired of renting from people. so many nice houses right here in my neighborhood that once sold for 350k with 2.5+ acres, now are going for only 70k asking price! i'm sure there are still room to work it down! i see what people who are making deals sees and i am eagered to make something happen soon! but i first need to get my team set up!
when it happens i will post and i will also have it detailed how it worked out! Eye-wink
have a wonderfull day


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
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Great Idea Luiz

I think this is an excellent idea Luiz!

First and foremost I am proud of you for picking yourself up and looking past the negativity and self-doubt. As Dean would say you "thought a little differently." -- Great Job!

The thing I like about it the most is that not only do the numbers work out (always a good idea), but you looked at it from an investors perspective.

I mean, I don't know anybody that would turn down a 10% return on their investment, AND you give them SECURITY by placing the deed in their name. 10% ROI AND security in the form of a deed? Who wouldn't want that??? Most people I know would love to make 2.5%... even 3% ROI and you can offer an investor 10%!

The other thing I like about this is it gives you flexibility. Obviously, you ran your numbers using a payoff period of ~35 months. However, like you said, you could adjust this to 48, 60, etc. and tailor it to what the buyer can afford, and what kind of ROI(%) your investor would require.

For example, if the buyer couldn't afford to pay you $1333.33/month (that would be a 60-month term)you could agree to a 72 month term at a lower monthly payment of $1111.11/month (assuming you agreed to sell the house for $80,000). You'll still generate enough money each month to pay your interest payment, (to your original investor) it will just take you a little longer to pay down the principle -- not sure on the actual numbers but this could work if you found an investor that was willing to accept a lower ROI (%), OR if you decided to sell the home for less than $80,000.

Great work Luiz!



I just looked at the numbers again and wanted to point out that if the buyer initially pays you a 10% down payment of $8,000 (on a sale price of $80,000) he/she will only have to finance $72,000.

If they agree to pay $1333.33/month they will have paid off the home in just over 54 months...

RE: numbers

Ok yes you are right however you want to charge the buyer some interest and if you charge tham only $8,000.00 in interests, for the full term of 60 months and they get the house deed on their last payment, that became a win-win situation for you, the money investor and the home buyer right???? i mean there isn't a bank loan out there the home buyer can get aprooved for, and if they would be able to buy it they wouldn't get a title in their hands for about 30 + years and they would be paying about 3 times the amount they financed in just interest. a mear $8000.00 wouldn't hurt a thing! Eye-wink be creative with this there are lots of routes you can choose to take and you would still be helping out a family with bad credit.


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RE: great idea...

Yes there are multiple ways of working with numbers in this type of investing, and you could even cut your gross profit all together to simply put a deal together, i mean 5,000 dollars are 5,000 dollars lol, or you could up the term afew more years and generate extra income by lowering their payments and upping your interest rate, longer terms higher interest lower payments! what ever works for the buyer. Eye-wink being creative helps alot in this business! and thank you so much for commenting on this idea, and adding to it!Laughing out loud


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
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One More Thing

I just noticed one more thing after looking at these numbers.

Please keep in mind I'm not trying to deflate you expectations or trying to curb your enthusiasm in any way. I think you have a GREAT, let me repeat GREAT idea! I just want to clarify, bring to your attention a few points.

Remember I'm looking at your idea from an investors perspective.

You mentioned in your earlier post that you would pay an investor a 10% ROI on an initial investment of $40,000. That would be $4,000/year.

I think it is VERY important to note that what you are really doing (and you did mention this in your post above) is paying 10% on the investors REMAINING principle. You'll see what I mean in a moment.

I may have made a mistake in my math but I think the numbers are close.

So, if you add up ONLY the interest payments during the first year (12 months) they total: $3,434.41... not quite $4,000. Now add up the interest payments during the remaining 2 years.

Year 1 interest payments: $3,434.41
Year 2 interest payments: $2,118.66
Year 3 interest payments: $668.82

From an investors perspective I see that I'm actually making less and less each year...

Looking at the ROI% per year yields (dividing each interest payment by $40,000):

Year 1: $3,434.41; 8.5% ROI
Year 2: $2,118.66; 5.2% ROI
Year 3: $668.82; 1.6% ROI

Total interest payments to Investor over 3 years: $6,221.89

Calculate 3-Year Average ROI: $6,221.89/$40,000/3-Years = 0.0518

3-Year Average ROI = 5.18%

So from an investors perspective, if I loan you $40,000 I'm really only going make an ROI of 5.18%, or $6,221.89 over the next 3 years... You will have paid me back my original $40,000 plus $6,221.89 in interest payments at the end of 3-years... A true 10% ROI would be $12,000 over the next 3-Years.

***This happens because you're paying off the principal so darn fast!!! Smiling

Good for YOU, not as good for an Investor.

Now, let me be the first to say that a 5.18% ROI is still pretty darn good. You just have to find an investor willing to accept a 5.18% ROI. However, what if your investor wants more than a 5.18% ROI????

***Here's an IDEA to consider that would raise your investors ROI%.

Remember back when the buyer paid you 10% down ($8,000) when he agreed to buy the house? If you set aside $2,000 of that money initially, and pay out a little on the back-end of years 2 & 3 in the form of "additional" interest payments to your investor you could in effect "even" out the interest payments to your investor and increase his/her ROI.

Does this make sense?

If you did this with $2,000, you would essentially be paying your investor $8,221.89 over 3-Years.

$6,221.89 (original interest) + $2,000(extra) = $8,221.89, thus raising your investors ROI from 5.18% average over 3 years to 6.85% average ROI over 3 years!

If you paid your investor an extra $3,000 instead of an extra $2,000 (on top of your original interest payment schedule), you would raise his/her ROI% to 7.68%!

Now your making it more enticing for the Investor to loan you the $40,000 in the first place!!!

If you find an investor that is happy with 5.18% ROI your good to go. If you come across an investor that would like a little higher ROI you now know how to increase it a little bit!

It will come down to how much ROI your investor requires, and how much of the initial down payment you want to keep.

Good Luck!


NOTE: If I in anyway misunderstood what your numbers/method were in your original post and you already knew this just ignore this! Smiling

RE: One more thing...

living and learning that is the reason we are all here and i sure apreciate you actually taking the time and explaining how to come up with the actual interest rate figures for the full term! I LOVED THE LESSON!!!! i got schooled and i love it!!! and yes i worded remaining balance. Sticking out tongue but either way i learned something from this and all posts and coments are welcome never rejected Eye-wink my mind works like a sponge when it comes to this, lol so keep the comments coming if anyone has any ideas please let us all know.


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
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My mistake. I thought you put in in there somewhere!

Not trying to "school" anybody Smiling

I think you truly have a great idea and your enthusiasm is contagious!

Just wanted to make sure we (and others who will read this in the future) were clear on the actual ROI% for the investor.

Keep us posted on how it turns out!

Best of Luck!



No problem Rob i will let you know as soon as something happens!
thanks for all your input! have a wonderfull evening.



"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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potential buyers

Hey Luiz you mentioned you put together a list of 50 buyers before you started...i'm wondering which method you used to attract the buyers so quickly...

Very good post

this is a very good strategy if You can find an investor, I will sure keep a copy and arrange it to fix my own term.


Realtor / Investor
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Bank Luiz,USA

In order to play with the big ones;You must think like the big ones!Luiz i do like your heart,I am just looking for that wholesale deal/Not as many as you at one time.
Great action working the playing field,Luiz!


Invest in yourself!

RE: potential buyers

ok most of the people i spoke too are friends, who told friends and so forth, but i was honest/transparent with all of tham!! ok i might have an edge on selling things for i have been a car salesman every since i was 16! so i can relate to people i sat down with them all and i used the same line with every one of tham!! and here it is!!

if i told you that i could get you a house and a loan on the house that you will be able to pay it completely off in 5-6 yrs with a low payment of only 1333.33 per month requiring a little money down usually 10% of total cost, and have a Deed in your name would you be interested? if yes; i have afew questions to present to you this is basicaly a very forward questionaire so please be as acurate as possible with your answers.

Q: Are you looking to buy a house??
A: yes but my credit is shot and financing is just not possible for me right now.

Q: what if i could make that possible for you would you buy a house from me?
A: yes but i dont have any credit!

Q: So is credit the only thing keeping you from buying a house right now?
A: yes

Q: Is there someone else i should be interviewing and would be a decision maker on such purchase?
A: yes my wife, yes my husband, no.

(if yes i would ask for a better time to come back so that i could lay out the strategy for both of tham and answer any questions they might have, if no i would continue)

Q: do you and your partner have a job?
A: yes.

Q: how long have you been at the job?
A: 2 years- 5yrs - etc

Q: how much money does your house hold produce per month after taxes?
A: 4500

Q: would you mind if i contact your employer?
A: not at all, Q: but why would you do that.?
A:so that i could confirm that you are in good standards with your employer and with no risk of being laid off.

Q: do you currently have a car payment?
A: yes, no

Q: how much are your monthly payments?
A: $ 250.00 per month

reason this question is important is becouse if they have a job that pays tham 2500 per month total house hold income and 800 is car payments it would make no sence for me to risk being stuck with the house, or burning an investor's trust.

Q: are you able to come up with 10% down for the purchase of your new house??
A: yes, no, depends how much.

by the way i use a legal pad and write everything down they tell me.

ok total cost of the house is 80 thousand dollars you would be required to put 10% of that as a down payment it equals to $8,000.00
Q: would you want to put that or would you like to put more money down?
A: yes i could,no i couldnt, i would put 10,000.00 down

if no:
Q: how close can you get to 10%?
A: oh i only have 7k or 6k or 5k

just keep going, be enthusiastic, and always shake your head yes when you want to hear a yes its contagious! i promise you they will be shaking their heads yes also! try it out! lol

i dont know if you noticed all these questions are qualifying questions, and by the first question i can tell if the person is serious about it or not depending on the yes i get!
its something people perceive to be too good to be true, so you have to be transparent and let tham know listan i am working with afew investors in the area and they are doing owner financing etc.

the more forward and transparent you are with your buyers the better off you are, this is a people's business so you must be welcoming etc. i once had a group of friends who i had set up an appointment to come over to my house and discuss nothing but this! it was great i had every single one of tham wanting to buy a house right there and than!!

the only thing that is keeping me from doing this is that my priest friend pointed me out to a real estate agent who knows how to make business plans not the money man. i am still looking for investors and i have read the newsletter Dean has sent us i am using the strategies from it to find investors!

i holpe i elaborated this enough! i holpe i didn't make it more complicated than it actually is. lol i tend to do that some times Sticking out tongue

hope this helps;-)


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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thank you, yes there are many ways you can arrange your terms! jst remember that the money down is very important becouse this shows you that the buyers are commited to make those payments every month! Good luck in your investments Smiling


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

Live, Love, Laugh!!!!!

RE: Bank Luiz, USA

that actually sounds good!!! Laughing out loud lol Laughing out loud thank you for your comments and support. and yes thinking big is the key! i am aming for the sky!!!


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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Hola Luiz

Great job on putting your plan together, you will make a difference in people's lives with your strategy. FL is one of the best places to do this so you're in the right location to get those real low deals for your plan to fall through. I will continue to follow on your progress & wish you all the success on getting started with investing, Felicidades!!!

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

RE: Hola Luiz

Grasias, Thank you john i also hope that other people will put this strategy to work. but i am sure that once i have my firt deal go through many more will follow from there! i was even thinking if maybe the local banks would be interested in investing in such deals... What do you guys think??


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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Great Job Luiz

I think this is a great strategy. Creatively brilliant. I'm going to have to try this. The only way way we can fail is if we fail to take action. Applied knowledge is power. Rob's input was also very informative.

one more thing that might help you find investors!!

i have a facebook account and i added Dean as my friend and one of his addies (an investor) has asked me to join her facebook and so i did she had lots of good info and i even found out a way to find an investor's club near me all i did was go to this web site http://www.reiclub.com/ and all you would have to do is select your state and go from there, its free and requires none of your info! i found one in fort myers its about 25minutes from me so i will join and keep every one posted!

Good luck out there guys and thanks for all the great comments and ideas.



"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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like this strategy


Just finished reading Dean's new book and now am reading all the info. in this forum. I like your strategy and may try to incorporate some of it when I start. I have been around real estate investing for some time so I would like to offer the following:

Your buyers will have to insure the house and pay property tax. This will be in addition to the monthly payment they pay you. This may be a deal breaker because it will make their total monthly payment higher.

With the 10% down money you get, did you consider setting aside 5k from each deal and after 8 deals, you could finance the house yourself and collect the principal plus the interest.

Just a thought

RE: like this strategy

yes that is the beauty of this strategy, you can move the numbers arround to what suites you best.
thanks for posting.

and good luck in your investments


"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

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Great Idea!


Several years back I had a similar idea (hated the whole amortization over 30 years thing) and wanted to help families in a realistic way. You've done just that!!!!!!

Wouldn't it be awesome to develop a business that could eventually close down the traditional mortgage system and replace it with your model? I would be all over it! Imagine the help we could offer to home buyers! To me, it's just the moral thing to do. I just don't have those contacts...yet.

Thanks for putting a piece of the puzzle together for me as I am determined to find a way to make it work.



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I was wondering if the process of getting property to rent that is banked owned possible. I read the concept of getting some property. But what if you dont have the connections and you are strarting this process by yourself. Is there a simpler way to get property you want to rent for long term income with no money down and bad creit-like 550 or below. I know it is going to take work, but is a there another way?




you may want to find private money to start then present each investor with your business plan and how they will be paid. As you do a few deals you may want to approach a local small bank or perhaps a credit union.

Hope this helps

Later Fred E

Luiz the Great!!!!!

Hell of an idea Luiz! Dont know how I missed this post. Keep going brother. With that strategy, you'll become an RE millionaire sooner rather than later. I'm going the assignment route at the present time but your idea will get a thorough test run once I get a couple of assignments under my belt.

RE:Luiz the Great!!!!!!

thanks, and good to know you are moving forth with your venture. I am also looking into assignment of contract, I know Dean explains to run with one route, but you find more opportunities when you run different routes. I am also looking for houses that are seller financed, because that will generate monthly cash flow, and at times you can simply rent the house at a very low price witch will go for the payment of the house,pay off the house with other peoples money and have a house of your own with time, and you can use this same strategy i mentioned in this thread to sell it! either way House1 let me know of any progress you may have in your venture,and Happy Hollidays to you and yours.



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RE: Great Idea!

It would be owesome, tell me what have you been working on Rick, is it working for you? you can send me a private IM if you feel more confortable.
thanks for your Inthus!!!!

good luck in your venture.



"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal"
Dean Graziosi

Live, Love, Laugh!!!!!

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