Purchasing Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes

Purchasing Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes

Are Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes a good way to invest for positive cashflow? Is there anyone who has experienced this type of transaction? Is there a positive outcome with these types of homes? I have not yet come across this subject in any forum.



Mobile Homes....

Hello Ms. C,

I have not personally purchased (or in any other way acquired) mobile homes however, I can tell you that people that have dealt with them in a professional, educated and intelligent manner have done very well. In my travels over the past 7 years I have heard them many times referred to as, "Little boxes that spit-out cash!" The one main thing you want to keep in mind, mobile homes DEPRECIATE in value; they are unlike most all other forms of Real Estate, that APPRECIATE in value over time.
Now, does this mean you are guaranteed to make a million doing deals with mobile homes? NO, not any more than there are any other "guarantees" in life, except for the 2 we all know about.....Death & Taxes. If you study hard, learn a lot (and continue to learn all you can about this Niche) and intelligently apply what you learn over time you will probably become pretty wealthy while at the same time HELPing others along the way. If you were to ask me if my intent is to Encourage or Discourage you.....it's the former! Do it cautiously and utilize ALL the resources you encounter along the way, then you will be successful, very wealthy and have ultimate FREEDOM.
I wish you all the best, and do keep in touch....we are all rooting for you; Remember, you are family and we are friends!



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Mobile homes

How do you think Warren Buffet made a vast majority of his wealth? He's the KING of these types of facilities. Mobile home parks/trailer parks/RV parks are cash machines, if you know what you are doing.


yes they r a great way to make money !!! sir john is right in stating i also have HEARD these r "little tin boxes that spit out cash " and yes they can depreciate but the trick is to own the land underneath them and charge rent for the lots AND you get rent for the mobile home.these can be moved or you can have someone move theirs on your lot or you may buy theirs when they buy a HOUSE from YOU later on.i can state MANY ways that you can capitolize on profit with mobile homes!! these r just a few!! also buy them in bulk at a discount from manufacturers and or banks.find yourself a realtor or individual that SPECIALIZES in these and u can learn alot!!
cant wait to hear more on this subject!!


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