Finding an out of state Property Management

Finding an out of state Property Management

If you read my REI journal then you know I gave up trying to be a REI in Westcher NY and now I am looking in Charlotte North Carolinnnaa! Since I can not be down there yet I am following Angie's story and looking for property mangement companies. I need help with the question I should ask .It's 1:30am here ( I must be ready to do this.) and I don't have work till 12pm(to 9pm) so I was hoping to start calling in the mornining. I need advice if I got the right directions for New Yorkie Carolina Sucess or if I should start from scratch.

Here is what I have so far.

What services do you offer for finding properties?
If none, would you be able to give me a list of investor friendly Real Estate Agents?
If yes, what services?
Are you afraid of making low offers?
Are you willing to inspect homes I am interested in buying and how many are you willing to do?
Are you willing to give me a detail inspection of every home, pictures and comps?
What can you tell me about the current market?
What type of real estate would you recommend?
Would you be able to give me the name of a good Mortgage broker?
How would you estimate repairs?

When I own a home what services do you provide?
How long do you take to fill a vacancy?
How do you market homes you are trying to rent?
Do you have a list of potential renters?
How many possible tenets do you screen per opening?
Do you background check tenants?
Do you check references?
What percentage of tenants you place are forced to be evicted?
How do you determine market rents and amenities?
What would you do if there was an emergency repair needed?
Do you take care of landscaping and snow removal?
Do you offer any handyman services?
Do you automatically take out your fees or would I have to collect and then pay you?
If a property is vacant would you upkeep the property? What fees do you charge?


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