30 Days To RE Cash

30 Days To RE Cash

I am focused on my homework. Finding my "WHY", set my goals calendar for the next 30, and for the next year, surfing the net for RE offices that I will be contacting over the next couple of days, made a new email address, watched a few blogs, ... Looking forward to crushing it!!! Smiling Looking forward to getting to know some amazing people from here as well.

Today is today... tomorrow is unspoken.


To An Abundant Life!

~ Michelle B Cruz, NJ " It's TIME to make it HAPPEN "

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30 Days to Cash

I am a 30 Day to Cash student also and like you, i am in it to win.I have contacted several real estate agents they have sent me some listing of properties in my criteria area but they are reluctant to sent me listing of Cash Buyers, have you had any luck.I have been looking myself i will not quit.



The Blue Print!!!

Just finished 30 Days to Cash!! Really believe its the
Best yet out of Deans books!! Thanks Dean and
Matt!! The step by step in so much easier to
Understand and Apply!! Have started back into
This journey and really believe I can make deals
Happen now that the blue print has been created.
Looking forward to deal 1 and so on which will
Help put me into your Academy some day!!
For now I will self Educate with the Tools you
Have offerered/// attended an Event and collected
Knowledge and this book with your great Blue Print!!
Thanks Again Dean and DG Family!!

Welcome Michelle

Just follow the book, and read the other books Dean has out. They are amazing and chock full of information to get you going. Don't forget to come back here daily and ask questions and read the post and you will learn so much. Tammy


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Thanks Tammy!!

Thanks Tammy!!


CONGRATULATIONS!! The 30 days to real estate cash IS THE BLUEPRINT and path to a deal and if you can do ONE deal then you can do MULTIPLE deals!!!! DO NOT give up till you get that first deal done. The second third and MORE will be easier. Good luck and stay PERSISTENT!!


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I have a QUESTION. Does the real estate agent still profit at closing if I assign the contract. I would feel bad to put them through all the trouble of helping me and they receive nothing in return.

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